Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wedding Wednesday

Here it is Wedding Wednesday and I haven't gotten a post in since last WW! Where did the week go? Between wedding and weeding and table designs for a BD party and some baby went by fast! So here's the wedding news....

When we first started talking weddings... The Bride told me that the wedding photography was pretty high on her list of proirities because she really want great pictures to remember THE DAY by. Sometime in January I ran across Tara's website and fell in love with her amazing work. I remember looking at all of her pictures and her blog till the wee hours of the morning and going crazy...they were so cool! And she lived only 40 miles from us in Paris, Texas! How come I had not heard of her? I emailed The Bride and she fell in love with Tara's pictures too! I wanted to share some of her work with you so here's just a sampling of her work she sent over to me tonight. (These are not our kids.)

Boot Scootin down a Texas Road!
Rockin the Dress!

Beautiful Bride in a Cute Vintage House!
Lovin that pink door!

Wedding Day
Here's one from an e-session!

Here's a Trash the Dress session!
Pretty cute!
For those of you who don't have a clue...the new thing now is sometime after the wedding you do another photo session and do creative things in your dress. It makes for amazing pictures and (unless you are going to sell it) your dress will probably just sit in your closet for 30 years like mine has and turn yellow! So you might as well get another chance to wear it! And have some fun!

Tara also does kids....
Future Rock Star!

And Senior Shoots
She could be a Rock Star, too!

And Newborns!

Definitely a Rock Star!!!
Yes, you will be seeing pictures of my new grandbaby by Miss Tara this summer!
So I asked Tara to tell me how she got in the photography business and she said.....
"I started taking pictures when I was 8 or 9... of our animals on the farm.. tractors, trucks, etc.... but I only started my business about a year and a half ago. Shot my first wedding last March and fell in love with weddings. I went full time the end of Oct 08 because it just got waaaayyy to busy. "
I love her by-line!
So why hadn't I heard of Tara Swain before?
She's only been doing weddings for a YEAR!
And full time for 6 months!
You have to check out her website and blog.
She has some really cute a turquiose couch and a hot pink couch and zebra chairs and she collects old trucks and tractors and vintage stuff.
Too cool!
She captures personality on film.
She will knock your socks off.
She's got amazing God-given talent.
She's 22.
And she's booked every weekend except for a couple through November!
(She was going to take December off until I shamelessly begged her to do our wedding!)
The Bride, her mother, and I met with Tara last Friday and we all left saying we can't wait for Tara to start shooting. She's not only talented but adorable and lots of fun!
She's going to do the engagements and bridals plus the wedding but it looks like she will be taking some baby pictures first!
I'm soooo excited....
from my delighted heart to yours!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wedding Wednesday

During my travels through all the wedding blogs I ran across this photo of bridesmaids in vintage prom dresses over at Once Wed (a great source for ideas and pre-owned wedding dresses). And with the Junk Gypsy Prom right around the corner in Warrington in two weeks I just had to show you. These girls were not at their 1950s they were in their friend's wedding last summer in California! This has to be one of the cutest ideas I have come across yet. Are they not adorable! What a great idea for a vintage themed spring garden wedding!!!! I'm loving the pastels and I'm not a pastel gal but they so remind me of cotton candy.......
and who doesn't love cotton candy!

And then I saw this dress on Lisa's Retro Style Blog tonight and I thought how perfect it would be for the vintage bride and a spring garden wedding! (With the cute vintage prom dresses for the bridesmaids!) It really looks like pink cotton candy!
I think I'm getting a sugar high!

Lisa has this dress for sale in her Etsy shop and it is 2 die 4! Oh if I only had a 25" waist I'd snap it up in a heartbeat! But sadly I'm afraid my waist will never see 25" again!

Then I found the cutest idea last week for Save-the-Dates that would go right along with the Vintage Prom Dresses and the Spring Garden Wedding Theme.........

Vintage Hankies!!!!
These beauties were screen printed by
for a wedding this June.
Boy ....if I got one of these cuties in the mail I would surely
knowing the wedding was going to be a-dor-able!
And check out the Lucky-Luxe post today
for a "vintage" idea for response cards.
So if our wedding was going to be this spring in the garden
I'd be all set...
(actually I'd be panicked right now
cause not everything is done! LOL)
But we've got till December and all these ideas
are just getting me rolling on some
fabulous projects for the kids.
I can't wait to show them to you
as we get them completed!
On Friday...The Bride and Her Mother and Me (Yipee)
are meeting with the photographer.
An amazingly talented young woman that
just ROCKS the camera!
And she loves all things vintage!
I am so excited!
Can't wait to show you her photos!
But I think I'll just save that for NEXT Wednesday!
Blessings from my Delighted Heart to Yours!

Ps. Sorry for the delay between blog posts. It's been a busy 2 weeks. I'll try to do better!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Pink Carnations

Ok...I have to confess....up until a couple of weeks ago....I was a carnation snob. I admit I thought they were only good for fillers in those F*D Floral Bouquets (*rhymes with C). I remember in the past, ordering the bud vases from the florist with the single carnation know ....we always had to order the carnation one cause the one with roses was always more money. And do you remember the one or two carnation corsage? The spicy smell always reminded me of a grandmother or the funeral home or maybe a grandmother at the funeral home! Yes.... in my book.....the lowly carnation was relegated to funeral sprays!

I can even remember telling Mr. Hero..."If you are getting me flowers...don't get me CARNATIONS!"

Well...that was before I saw this one day over at
Eddie Ross you are a genious !!!!
photo from Eddie Ross
Oh. My. Gosh. I'm sold!
Mr. Ross has made a believer out of me.
These are absolutely ROCK THE HOUSE gorgous!!!!!
This just screams wedding shower!
Too screaming cute!!!!
Mr. Ross was asked by Creative Candles to do a display showcasing their candles for an exhibit. This is what he came up with. And look what happens when he adds their beautiful candles.......

photo from Eddie Ross
It looks just like a cake! Just one word describes this creation...FABULOUS! How amazing would this be at a bridal shower! He even explains "how" to make it here.......with pictures!
If you have never been to you are missing one great blog. (So go check it out as soon as you finish reading this post!) Mr. Ross has worked with some of the best in the design world including a stint as a stylist for Martha Stewart. He's always sharing great ideas. And I'm so impressed....on his favorite blog list is Garden Antqs Vintage! Way to go Theresa! (But then we do know how good you really are!)

photo from Eddie Ross
And here's another one of his carnation masterpieces.
Can't you just see wedding decorations here?
That's a silver candlestick it's sitting on!
OK..... I know are thinking...
Come on Patti ....
that's more than a one carnation bud vase.
That's a lot of carnations.
A whole lot!
But I did find several wholesale florists on line that sell carnations for 55 cents apiece. And I've also heard you can order flowers at a great price from Costco. But I just happened to find pink carnations at Walmart this weekend for 5.00 a bunch. Bought 2 bunches to play with....putting them in some vintage milk glass containers......and they were the dyed variety....yes, Eddie I got the dyed ones. And I remember doing that as an experiment when I was younger (alot younger)...put blue ink in the water in the vase with the white carnation and watched it turn blue right in front of your eyes! The red dye made these carnations a little varigated and a turned them a really pretty shade of pink.

That's a whole $10.00 worth of carnations in one vase. (And I didn't even use any oasis!) I think it has a
Martha-esque look to it!
Or should we call it an Eddie-esque look?
What do you think?

And these are definitely screaming baby girl shower!
So Mr. time you go out for flowers ....instead of a dozen roses......
I'm thinking 100 carnations would be really pretty....I've got plenty of containers and I love making my own arrangements! AND we could always pin one to your white sportcoat .....
then we'd be ready for the PROM!

Blessings from my delighted heart to yours!

UPDATE: Don't forget they last FOREVER! At least a good 10 days!
ANOTHER UPDATE: Eddie left me a comment! WooHoo!