Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wedding Wednesday Two

Read More about The Princess here!


When I ran across Megan Hunt's website a couple of weeks ago, I totally freaked out! To say that I fell in love with her stuff would be an understatement. I fell in love with her stuff. She is totally amazing. Totally creative. Totally outside of the box! (Which I totally get cause most days I'm asking "What box?" Princess Lasertron is her nickname and and became her company name. She has been at the Silver Bella show as a vender for the last two years. Been written up in Country Living magazine and Bride's magazine and has been on many blogs. Her photo above was taken at her own wedding last May. You can read more about it here. Is she not the cutest bride! Look at her petticoat and the polka dots! And she designed her dress. Amazing!

OK so this is what she does........

You are going to love it!

She takes felt (wool felt)
Buttons(vintage buttons).

Gets this.
(totally awesome)

Then makes them into bouquets.

In whatever colors you can think of.

(This is for a St. Patrick's Wedding.)

That you can keep forever.

(Alice in Wonderland Theme)

The possibilities are endless!

Too Cool!

I think this is my favorite!

She also makes bouts for the guys.


And wrist corsages!

How cute for PROM!

(this one's for sale in her Etsy shop right now.)

You can also take her flower buttons and

put them into your bouquet.

Flower Buttons

For a Spring or Summer Wedding

Pink and Brown
Our new grandbaby's nursery colors.

(I've got several ideas in the works!)

Most of her work is custom but she does sell some things in her Etsy shop.

This weekend I took some vintage felt, thread,
and button from my mom's stuff
and tried my hand at a flower......
(in the car on the way to Houston.)

I hadn't embroidered in 40 years!

(I must have learned when I was a baby!)

Not too shabby...but considering the time it took to do one,

it would take me about 100+ hours to make a bouquet!

I'm sure Megan is a whole lot faster!

(I attached my flower to my vintage purse I got at The Junk Palace.)

To sum it up in Megan's own words from her Etsy shop....

"I make cute things and you like them."

Yes, you do Megan and the coolest thing is........

The Bride loves them too!

Can't wait to see what we come up with!

From my Delighted Heart to Yours!


Photos courtesy of

Go check her out!

UPDATE: To get the inside scoop read.....

The Polka Dot Bride's interview


Princess Lasertron!

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Kountry Birthday

Twenty nine years ago today...our first child was born. Amanda Renee weighing in at 9lbs. 2oz. arrived on the scene via C-section. It was love at first sight! We were smitten with this little pink bundle of joy just like all new parents. She was perfect! We were blessed!

She began dance lessons at the age of two and this was from her first recital. She continued taking lessons and having recitals for the next 16+ years. She was very independant and somewhat bossy. We remember her lining up her stuffed toys and telling them what to do!

This was from her last recital in high school. The solo from "Swan Lake" en point.Between the ages of 2 and 18 she had lots of activities...the arrival of 2 brothers...Brownie Girl Scouts, dance, piano lessons, dance, church choir, dance, church youth activities, dance, Odessey of the Mind, dance, and school, and dance. Here she is as the Cheshire Cat from the Fourth Grade program Alice in Wonderland. (Four days before the program she told me she needed a costume! Yes, we made it.)

I think she holds the record in our high school for being in the Drill Team one year...Mascot Wally the Wildcat one year...and Head Cheerleader. Talk about perserverance! She loved being a cheerleader in the 7th grade but didn't make the cut at tryouts the next year...or the next.... or the next....until she was a senior. After graduating, she did a short stint at Stephen F. Austin University. Spent a semester in Orlando in the Disney College Program working in Studio City on The Backlot Tour Ride. She had promised us she would return to college but one day I got a call and heard..."Mom, I want to move to LA when I'm finished here." She was 19. Her dad said No. We let her go. Or I should say we helped her pack and helped her drive out there, helped her set up the apartment (which included several tips to Target and a screw driver!) and left her there. Did I say she was 19? Did I say I cried at least part of the 1526 mile drive home? Did I say we were and are very proud of her? Going after her dream...a long way from home.
Well ....she got a job...several jobs...worked really hard...made some really good friends and now for the last 7 years has worked as a Personal Assistant to this Choreographer. He's choreographed movies....You Got Served, Stomp the Yard, Step Up Two and TV...So You Think You Can Dance, America's Best Dance Crew and Dancing With The Stars. He also teaches hundreds of kids at dance seminars around the country. Now she doesn't dance but tells the dancers where they need to be. (All that training with the stuffed animals paid off!)

Here we are at the premiere of "Stomp The Yard" two years ago. Yep...I got to walk on the RED CARPET! We had a blast that night! That's her boss Dave...he's one amazing dancer!! Do you recognize my jacket? I wore it (ok..ok...the maniquin wore it) to Deb's party last week! When we get home from the Beach I'll be able to wear it again!

You are probably wondering why I'm calling this post... A Kountry Birthday....Well, having grown up in East Texas, when Amanda got to California she had quite an accent. People started calling her Country and it stuck...she's now known as Kountry to both the coasts(and the screen credits). Not even a last name...just Kountry. And since her brother is going to marry an Amanda .....she might just become known as Kountry here in Texas.

So, Kountry, I'm wishing you a Happy Happy 29th Birthday. You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are a godly woman. You carry the Light. Not only do you carry it but you spread it! You are so much fun. God has an awesome purpose and destiny for you. He has such amazing plans for your life. You are blessed and highly favored! We are so proud of you and all you have done. You will never know how hard it was to leave you in that apartment that day 9 years ago but I wouldn't go back and change a thing. Not. One. Thing. You are perfect. We are blessed! Yes...You are one amazing chik. Yes...I would say you fit the description of Flirty from yesterday to a T... You're a Flirty girl!
Have a Rockin Birthday!
You R the Bomb!

I love you!
You Delight My Heart!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wedding Wednesday

"Wedding Wednesday"

Is a new feature I'm adding to the blog. Every Wednesday I plan on sharing some "Wedding Bliss" that I've discovered on my travels through wedding cyberspace.

Let me first introduce you to.... The Bride and The Groom.

(You can read more about their engagement here.)

As some of you know, we have a wedding coming up in December and we are starting the planning process. December sounds like a long time off but really it isn't in the world of weddings. The Bride is an absolute doll! She is including me in everything even though I'm the Mother of the Groom. I've been designated as "Creative Consultant" (translate...gatherer of information and ideas). I absolutely love this type of thing and I love weddings so this is a perfect match for me. She and I have been brainstorming and coming up with some really fun ideas which I will be sharing with you. I'll also be showcasing different wedding blogs and websites....there's a HUGE amount of information and amazingly beautiful photos out there.

Not only is there lots and lots of information but some of it is soooo stinkin cute I just can't wait to share it with you!!!! So many cute ideas that just send me into major creative frenzy!!! And so many of these ideas can inspire you to do something non-wedding also! Just looking at all the creativeness (is that a word?)gets your mojo flowing! You are going to love all of this!!!!

The Bride loves the Modern Vintage look and The Groom is totally into sports ...having played baseball through college. She wants to honor him by incorporating a "vintage baseball theme" into the reception. How sweet is that?! They are both very fun-loving and they want to make this one rockin
P-A-R-T-Y! I am really excited about working out all the little details with The Bride and her family. (And she comes from an awesome family!)

Let me know if you are a bride, mother of the bride, or mother of the groom (like me) or have a wedding blog...I'd love to hear from you and see what you are doing!

And I'm open to any suggestions or creative ideas you all you creative people can come up with also.

One thing we are looking for is some vintage silverplate baseball trophy loving cups to use at the reception. I know they are VERY collectable but I'd like to borrow or "rent" some if we can't find any to buy. Keep your eyes open for me some all you trash and treasure hunters! I'm believing someone is going to find me some at a VERY reasonable price!

This First Wedding Wednesday is now close to becoming a Wedding Thursday since this post is so late but I promise next week I'll get it posted earlier in the day! Who knows...this may turn into a full blown blog by next week! I'm already thinking Wedding Wednesday is a lame name. You all now know the the players and the theme.....throw me out some names for a mother of the groom wedding blog and if one fits ....I'll give away a prize! Oohhh...another contest!

You know how I love contests...

I've been finding all sorts of contests in the wedding blogs.
In fact I won one this week!
A 50.00 iTunes card !
I happened upon a contest that Stacie Tamaki was having at her website

Stacie is an awesome wedding planner in the San Francisco area and has put this website together that has fun ideas for weddings and parties. You have to go check it out! Read more about her here.....She also designs these cute little brides and then has a contest to name them.

Introducing Lulu!

Yes ... I named her and won the iTunes card!

(Now I'm motivated to learn how to use my iPod!)

Thanks so much Stacie!

And Stacie has redefined the meaning of "Flirty". In her own words....

Being Flirty: I feel I have redefined the word to mean someone who knows how to embrace the concept of expressing her or himself in a truly carefree and positive manner. Someone unafraid to flirt with all of the wonderful and endless possibilities that life has to offer. To me, being flirty isn't about attracting the opposite sex. It's not an age or income level. It's a state of mind. It's about being daring and enjoying the experience as YOU try new things and dare to be different as you define who you are.


I think this fits me to a T!

In fact I think it fits a lot of us chiks!

(In fact I think this is a close definition of "Chik")

We're Flirty Chiks!

Go by and check out Stacie's rockin Flirty Guide!

Tell her Lulu's Momma sent ya!

Bless ya'll

from my "Flirty" and Delighted Heart to Yours!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


OK...I planned on doing this last night at midnight but...........
I fell asleep. (Me who stays up till all hours in the night fell asleep.) Sorry.
Then this morning there have been technical difficulties.
But I perservered.
And I'm here to announce the winner is........................

Cue the drum roll.......

Mr. Hero put his hand in the silver pitcher
at 8am and pulled out this name......
Congratulations Tress!
Tress's husband just had back surgery last Friday
and last week marked the 2nd anniversary of their
baby son going to heaven.
If you have the time I'm sure
she would love an encouraging word!
To see her prayer of encouragement
And if you are just now joining us and are wondering just what did Tress win......well she won an amazing book. Destined To Reign by Joseph Prince. I just finished this book and wanted share it with you. I so wish I had enough books to send one to everyone who left me a comment. I really encourage you to go out and get this book. But you don't even have to go out!
You can get it here. At
This book will change your heart......give you hope .....and give you grace. And through grace comes peace. And isn't that just what we've all been wanting and waiting for.
And to those of you who left a comment and didn't win......
you are all winners in my book!
So please take a rose...
No... on second thought
take two...I have plenty!
One for you and one to share.
Now go out and encourage someone today!
And if you are hurting
And need encouragement....
I'd love to talk to you.
You can email me.
(My address is in the sidebar.)
I'd love to hear from you.
There is always an answer...
There is always hope.

Now...I pray blessings for all of you today!
From the One who is able to do exceedingly,
abundantly more than we can ask or think!
Have a Rockin
Chik-a-lic-ous Day!
from my Delighted Heart to Yours!

Monday, February 16, 2009

WARNING: Reading this will change your life.

And just who doesn't need at least a little change in their life right now. Some of you need a lot of change. ( I know...I'm reading your blogs. :-)) There is so much sadness and despair that's being blogged about. Lots of people need change. They are looking for peace. But we all need change. Change for the better. Change = Growth And growth is a good change. (Except when it involves your hips!)

I guarantee this book will change the way you look at grace. And don't we all need a little more grace? And don't those around us need more grace? I believe this book will impact you in a way not many books can. And that's why I'm giving it away.

If you are needing a little change or a big change..... new growth.... more peace or extravagant grace....leave me a comment and your name will go in the hat for the drawing of this book tonight at midnight.

Blessings from my Delighted Heart to Yours!
Ps...If you are really hurting and desparately need me.
I'd like send you some encouraging words.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Delighted Hearts and Flowers

Saturday morning I was in my closet finishing up dressing when Mr. Hero walked in with these beautiful red roses and the sweetest card. "Will you be my Valentine?" he asked very sweetly.
"Forever." I answered. Isn't it wonderful when your sweetheart of 32 years still likes to be romantic on Valentine's Day? Actually we've been married 32 years but have been sweetheart for 37! Yeah.... we started dating at a very young Kindergarten!
The roses didn't quite look like this when he handed them to, they were loose in one of those celophane sleeves. But I didn't mind....thats the way I like my flowers ....loose! That way I get to play with them and he gets to save a little change! They found their way into this contemporary rectangle vase ...$3.00 from Goodwill!

Then they found their way to a little white table in our bedroom. I like the look of the old alabaster lamp next to the modern look of the roses in the vase. Just the right touch of romance!

I made these two little hearts last week out of sweater scraps (remember the sweater wreath?). Each little heart looks great by itself but when you put them side by side you can see the thread that comes from above and goes through the hearts and connects them. It's the love coming down from the Lord above that connect us and together we become a 3-fold cord, the strength of which cannot be broken.

So.........Mr. Hero....thank you for the roses....thank you for the card....thank you for the romance....but most of all thank you for the past 37 years of loving me. You are not just Mr. Hero to me but you are My Hero....always have been, always will be. Here's to the next 37 years! I love you!

From my Delighted Heart to yours....
Hoping you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, too!
Ps.....Don't forget about my little give-a-way on Monday night at midnight! Leave me a comment if you are interesting in winning a copy of this awesome book....Destined To Reign by Joseph Prince. It will change the way you look at life....Really! I blogged about it here. And if you want another chance at winning this book...go over to and leave Crystal at Sparkled*Life a comment...she's giving it away also!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Where is that LIMO!
It was supposed to be here by 5:00!
Where could it be?
I don't want to miss the par-tay!
"What par-tay?" you ask.
Why the Fab-u-lous par-tay Deb is
throwing over at Talking Trash!

Still waiting!
Outside...on my driveway!
Wait ...What was that?
The toot of the limo?
No...just an 18 wheeler honking at me!
WooHoo! Back at ya Babe!

I've been dressed since noon!
I can't wait to go to this once in a lifetime party!
Got my beads and beads and beads on
Oh a girl can never have too much!
Especially for this kind of party!
Even got my blinging belt left over from the 80s!
(Yeah I really wore that back in the day!)

Got the boots and bag!
And my flip-flop thongs
in case my feet get tired
dancing all night in my boots.
Gotta be prepared!

I'm bringing the bubbly....

And I made you a cake....
(Sorry Cat Daddy...
no cookies tonight!)

The toast is all ready......

Now since the Limo driver
called to say he's lost
somewhere in east Texas......

We're just going ahead and
have that toast
right here right now!

Here's to you my BFF!
Miss Deb-u-lous
Talking Trash-u-lous
U R The most Fab-u-lous
Blogger Chik-u-lous
out there!!!
Congratulations on your 100th post!
U R the BEST!

Oh there's the driver now....
Cue the lights!
Make room on the Red Carpet
Get out those cameras.....
We're ROCKIN now!
Par-tay on sistas!

Have a great
Valentine's Weekend!
Bless Ya'll!
From my fun loving
delighted heart to yours!