Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wedding Wednesday Two

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When I ran across Megan Hunt's website a couple of weeks ago, I totally freaked out! To say that I fell in love with her stuff would be an understatement. I fell in love with her stuff. She is totally amazing. Totally creative. Totally outside of the box! (Which I totally get cause most days I'm asking "What box?" Princess Lasertron is her nickname and and became her company name. She has been at the Silver Bella show as a vender for the last two years. Been written up in Country Living magazine and Bride's magazine and has been on many blogs. Her photo above was taken at her own wedding last May. You can read more about it here. Is she not the cutest bride! Look at her petticoat and the polka dots! And she designed her dress. Amazing!

OK so this is what she does........

You are going to love it!

She takes felt (wool felt)
Buttons(vintage buttons).

Gets this.
(totally awesome)

Then makes them into bouquets.

In whatever colors you can think of.

(This is for a St. Patrick's Wedding.)

That you can keep forever.

(Alice in Wonderland Theme)

The possibilities are endless!

Too Cool!

I think this is my favorite!

She also makes bouts for the guys.


And wrist corsages!

How cute for PROM!

(this one's for sale in her Etsy shop right now.)

You can also take her flower buttons and

put them into your bouquet.

Flower Buttons

For a Spring or Summer Wedding

Pink and Brown
Our new grandbaby's nursery colors.

(I've got several ideas in the works!)

Most of her work is custom but she does sell some things in her Etsy shop.

This weekend I took some vintage felt, thread,
and button from my mom's stuff
and tried my hand at a flower......
(in the car on the way to Houston.)

I hadn't embroidered in 40 years!

(I must have learned when I was a baby!)

Not too shabby...but considering the time it took to do one,

it would take me about 100+ hours to make a bouquet!

I'm sure Megan is a whole lot faster!

(I attached my flower to my vintage purse I got at The Junk Palace.)

To sum it up in Megan's own words from her Etsy shop....

"I make cute things and you like them."

Yes, you do Megan and the coolest thing is........

The Bride loves them too!

Can't wait to see what we come up with!

From my Delighted Heart to Yours!


Photos courtesy of

Go check her out!

UPDATE: To get the inside scoop read.....

The Polka Dot Bride's interview


Princess Lasertron!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Over the top. I am loving this feature of yours! Keep it up! Thank you. ~Mindy

princess lasertron said...

you are so adorable!! thanks for this kind post. :)

Dawnie said...

Thank you for coming by my blog and leaving your comment! I appreciate it.

Also, thank you for this post..I have a daughter getting married maybe within the year so I'm going to check into this!

As for being forgiven, I know that I am, I just feel really lost and sometimes confused as to why I cannot seem to get back to where I was with God a few years ago. I have so many doubts and they seem to increase the older I get.

This is one of my small, small, issues that I struggle with. Yesterday on the way home from work I came across a radio station where there were like 3 pastors taking questions and giving their so called Biblical perspective.

I didnt think they were to bad until one lady called in and asked if they thought our pets go to heaven when they die to be with us when we get there. They said No, they felt God had something much richer, and better for us..that our pets dont have spirits so they just are gone when they leave here. For me as a pet owner and lover of them--that was a direct hit to my heart. First of all to say God has something "richer and better" for us then our pets--made me angry. Whose to say what we think is richer or better for us--than God or OURSELF? My personal humble opinion--is that similar to what you stated about us being parents and loving our children--I love my pets..I know for me--heaven wouldnt be complete without all the things that have given me joy and pleasure while here on Earth. I hope and pray God restores those to me...period. Pets, children, etc.

I know this isnt God himself saying these things--but its these little things that have seem to taken its toll on my spirit and for some odd reason I cannot get on the righteous path again. Its not that I'm doing anything totally wrong--I do have a child that is doing something I know is not of God and I have to carry that burden. So many parents do dont they?

This is long--sorry--but thank you for taking the time to visit me!

Maison Douce said...

Oh, my goodness, that is quite amazing!! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us...

sparkled*life said...

Button flowers that is so cute it is bound to be illegal is some states right??

Sue Jackson said...

Hi Patti,
Love old buttons, we carry a lot of them in the store! Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. Yep, I have some cold mugs for my Corona's! Like you, I like it as well almost to the point of a margarita. Sounds like you are having lots of fun getting ready for the wedding!! Take care, Sue

The Junkin' Yaya said...

Hey sweetpea!

Thanks for stopping by the yaya! Love this post! I went and visited her and told her you sent me. Love her creations, thanks for the "thumbs up" on this lady!

the voice of melody said...

They all look so cute!

Chik Nite said...

Check out the new Chik on the team ;)