Sunday, April 26, 2009

27 Days and Counting!

We are entering the home stretch with this baby thing! And that means I've been busy! Bella will be here in less than 4 weeks. The mommy-to-be wanted the nursery painted pink so pink is what she got. Bella Pink! Yes.... Sherwin Williams has a pink named Bella! I painted with their Harmony Brand paint...very fumes!

And since I'm vertically challenged I spent a lot of time on this....

Pushed stuff to the middle of the room ...covered with plastic and proceeded to make a mess!

Almost finished with the first coat....yes it did take 2 coats...Can you say cotton candy? Yes I was craving cotton candy by the end of the day.
Mr. Hero and I hung curtains on Saturday and set up the bedding. We still have stuff to hang on the walls and the carpets are being cleaned this no big reveal yet!

This is what I worked on this afternoon....

Shower Invitations!
Bella's Aunt Kountry and Aunt (to-be) Amanda
and I are hosting a shower in 2 weeks!
Kountry's coming in from California
for the shower on Mother's Day weekend!
So I was working on the invites this afternoon.....
I found the paper at Hobby Lobby last week.
And just printed them on my computer.
Found the cutest stamp to print on the back of the envelope.

You will hear more about the
great big blessing in the days ahead....

But the biggest blessing I got today was when
the kids surprised us by showing up at church!
My son is a welder and has been working 7 days a week
(we haven't seen him for a couple of months)
on a power shutdown and my daughter in law
goes to church at her family's church.
Charlie got the day off today and they surprised
us in church and for lunch.
There is nothing sweeter than to
have your kids sitting with you in church!
Thank you Jesus!
Isn't she the cutest thing!
The doctor told her last week the baby
weighs 6-6.5 pounds already!
Hopefully we'll get the shower in before Bella arrives!
Wouldn't that be cool if she arrived on Mother's Day!
All the family will be here...
Did you hear that Bella...let's make your debut on May 10!
(I still can't believe my baby
is going to be a daddy!)
What a great Sunday we had!
How was yours?
Blessings from my delighted and blessed heart to yours!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wedding Wednesday - LOVE WINS!

All day today I've been trying to decide what to share with you for Wedding Wednesday and then tonight I was alerted to this website by my sweet friend Angela over at Hampton-House. Cherry from Cherry's Creations has this awesome post up today. And I just HAVE to share it with you cause I think it totally ROCKS! I'll let her explain......


Cherry says.......

"The theme of our church for awhile now has been "Love Wins" and we are currently in the middle of a year long campaign "Nothing is too difficult for God". We've learned about about how no illness is too difficult for God to heal and we are currently learning about how no financial need is too great for God. This past Sunday's sermon was based around how God takes what we have and multiplies it when we follow through with what he leads us to do. The Sermon was titled "What's in Your House" based on the story of the widow woman who only had just a little bit of oil but began pouring it into other jars and the oil didn't run out until there were no jars left. 2 Kings 4:1-7
So, for the challenge, the pastor handed out a $1 bill to everyone in the congregation, ($150 in all) and challeged us to use our creativity to multiply it. Combining that with "what's in your house" I came up with these cute little Love Wins charms. They can be worn as a pendant on a cord, added to keyring or zipper pull, or worn as a charm on your sneakers, etc. We will be bringing our dollars and the sum of their multiplication back to the church on Sunday May 3rd. I am making these charms availible for a $2 donation, a small portion of that (about .60 to .75 cents) will cover the cost of mailing the charm and the rest will be donated to Christian Center. I can't wait to see what God turns $150 dollars into. I will be sure to share the news here.

Cherry also makes awesome jewelry...check out her Etsy shop!

Are these not the cutest....

and what a story you could tell to

someone who asks about it!

So...I know what you are thinking....

What does this have to do with Wedding Wednesday?

Well, as I was trying to decide which one and how many of the charms I wanted..... I had a major brainstorm. You know ...the kind where you want to jump up and down and tell someone!!! And Mr. Hero has already retired for the night so he will have to hear about it in the morning. But you my friends are hearing it FIRST! Can you guess what these have to do with a wedding?

Wedding Favors!

A lot of weddings these days give some kind of wedding favor to their guests. There are whole websites devoted to wedding favors. Candied almonds tied up with netting, candles, picture frames, bells, all kinds of little resin thingys that fit into your wedding "theme" which people probably just toss as soon as they get home. (Not showing photos here for a reason!) Then there's the DIY brides who do little boxes with cupcakes or cookies or wedding cake which I think is a little better favor cause it can be eaten.

I made jumbo chocolate chip cookies for Charlie and Jessica's wedding.
(300 on the day of the wedding!)
(And put in individual sacks.)

Yes...I was crazy but they are my signature.

And they will show up at the next wedding but....

we were thinking of a favor along these lines because of our

"Vintage Baseball" Theme Reception.

You know the tune...

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

Peanuts and Cracker Jacks!

Now look at the little charms.....

See the one round one in the middle...

Doesn't it look like a little BASEBALL?

I can see it attached to the card on the popcorn and peanuts ....


One of the ideas that keeps popping up on the wedding boards ... instead of favors couples are making a donation to their favorite charity in the guests' name and then handing out cards explaining the donation. No more broken teeth on those candied almonds! So how about a little "LOVE WINS" Charm attached to a card with the whole story on it? I'm lovin this! I can see the cutest cards...tented at each placesetting...even letterpressed for those that are blessed enough to afford it! Or Gocco'd or typed or even handwritten! And buying these charms would be a donation to Cherry's church and one of the best lessons I've learned in life is "You can't outgive God!" WooHoo!

I'm just loving the theme of Love Wins!

OMGosh ...

We may just have a title for our

Vintage Baseball Theme!


I'm calling The Bride in the morning!


I can also see the little charm attached to the

Save-The-Date Card

Which we are working on!

And I can't wait to show you our idea for it!

It's too stinkin cute!

You are gonna love it!

It's Vintage!

And Baseball!


Now don't forget to go get you a charm or two from Cherry!

(I have a feeling she is going to be one busy lady!)

Cherry you ROCK for this awesome idea!

And what an awesome church and pastor you have!

I can't wait to see what Jesus does with this!

Love Not Only Wins...It Multiplies!

Thank You Jesus!

Blessings from my delighted heart to yours!


Update: Talked to Cherry this morning and she is making me a charm with stitching to really look like a baseball! How cute will that be! She has had a great response and is thinking of adding the charms to her Etsy shop. (I LOVE Etsy!) Her updated post on Love Wins is here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wedding Wednesday Postponed

Just for today....because I have to share with you an email that was sent to me by a good friend. It's a video. You will probably want to watch it again. And again. I watched it several times....showed it to Mr. Hero. He was spellbound! And then I promptly sent it off to most of my address book! And I hate to forward email!

If you think you will never reach your dream......just watch here on U-Tube. Turn your speakers on and ah you might need to run get you a kleenex....I wish I had.

MSNBC also picked up the story today. You can see it here.

Update.....CBS Early Show had Susan Boyle on this morning.
You can see it hear.
She sings accapella.
Via satalite from Scotland.
Totally amazing!
And her performance on u-tube has had

I just watched it again...
Now where are those kleenex!
I am so blown away!
Hope this story delighted your heart
as much as it did mine!
ps ....been working this week on the baby's room and the baby shower. Hope to have pics soon!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wedding Wednesday

OK...OK...I know I've been AOL....errrr...make that AWOL for too long. (It has something to do with a sprinkler system.) And here it is Wedding Wednesday ...again! I want to thank you all for all of your great comments and support. It's great to hear that several of you are doing the wedding thing also this year....and that you are lovin the vintage wedding look just as much as I am! I think you will love this look I've found for today.......
all from that great source Etsy.

Wedding Shrugs
I have not seen shrugs used for a wedding before but then I do live in Texas and most of our weddings take place in the summer months and a shrug just wouldn't do here with our heat. But since our wedding is in December this is something The Bride just might want to take a look at!

Antique Ivory Silk Taffeta Bolero Shrug
a designer from Portland, OR
How adorable is this?
Not to mention romantic!!
And it could be used for a spring or fall wedding also.
Now all the vintage lovers are going to fall
head over heels for the next ones!

Holly Stalder

of Portland makes these vintage goodies

from vintage goodies.

There is something
about making something
from something vintage
that just makes my heart swoon!
Maybe that makes me GREEN!
I'd say green with envy!
I am waiting for one of those creative moments!

Look at the vintage jewelry!
These are just gorgous!
Holly custom makes these after seeing a pic of your dress.

Too cool!

These next two are made by
Emily Rohm from Chicago.

Alecon lace is embroidered with pearls and sequins for more sparkle.
This one's a short jacket.

This one's a shrug.
What a beautiful view during the ceremony of your back!
Rohm also make veils and mantillas.
My mother made my veil in 1976 using the same kind of lace.
She beaded the lace with pearls.
We took a family trip from Texas to California that summer before the wedding and I remember her sitting in the backseat sewing on the veil all the way there and back....3000+ miles!
I still have it (along with my dress) and who knows...maybe we will incorporate it into the wedding scenery someway!

Now if it is really chilly in December....
(which here in Texas it could be 17 or 77!)
This little fur shrug would be cute!
From Etsy seller Spazooie.

And I also have my mother's mink stole
from the 1950's
which would look awesome with a
rhinestone pin.
Ohh ...I'm liking that idea!
*Note to self...
look for a dress that will go with the stole!

All photos and shrugs from Etsy dealers.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!
Blessings from my delighted heart to yours!