Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Said I Wouldn't Do It

Do what? you ask.

Act like a crazy grandmother.

Yeah ...when other friends were having grandbabies...they'd pull out the photos and we'd ohh and ahh. And then they'd say "Just wait. There's nothing like it! You'll go crazy, too!" Yeah...right. I'd think no not me! Not me...I'm not acting like that! No, I'll be the cool grandmother. People will have to beg me to see photos. Hah!

Then it happened. She arrived. AND I went over the edge. I was actually carrying my iPhone around church on Sunday showing the first minute photos! (To whoever would kinda look my way!) My "Brag Book" is already full and it's only Day 4! I took these pics tonight and just had to post them!
I keep telling's for Kountry and Bo and Amanda and Cindy and Jacklyn and Jamie and Bobby and Elizabeth and Conner and the other relatives to see. But deep down in my heart I want to show her to the world....what crazy grandmother wouldn't! So indulge me a little while longer. After all...she's the first grandchild and you only get to be a new grandmother once!

I love this shot above...something about the light.

I got to feed her yesterday and today.
She burped and went right back to sleep.
I don't know what they're talking about
when they say she's up all night!
They will probably be calling me later
for the night shift!

Here's her daddy and I on Day 4 in 1986.
He weighed 8lbs. 1 oz.
We were still at the hospital.
He was a section baby.
His older sis started that tradition weighing 9lbs.2oz.
I'm not quite the "steel magnolia"
Bella's momma is!
After 12 hours of Lamaze labor...
When the Doctor said C......I said Section!
Here in Texas we like to say...the spittin image!
Her other grammy has already
nicknamed her Charleze!

I'm just calling her

I'm headed to Canton to find a TU-TU tomorrow for her photo shoot in a couple of weeks with the ever talented Ms. Tara Swain. I can't wait for a "professional" to get a hold of her!
And I can guarantee you'll see some of Tara's photos of Miss Bella right here!
Although I may have to play with my camera and a sleeping naked baby this weekend!

I promise we'll be back to Wedding Wednesdays next week.
Got some cute wedding stuff to show
I'm working on a really cute and easy
project to hang on the wall.
You're going to love it!

Blessings from my delighted and crazy grandmother's heart!


Monday, May 25, 2009

A Little More Bella

I think I'm in love.
Saturday I think I was in shock.
Sunday I was smitten.
Today ....I'm in love.
(do you see the little smile?)
How cute!
I think I'm ruinent!
That's Texas for "all done in"!
AND.... I have to say thank you for all the
congratulatory comments!
I didn't know any of you 6 months ago.
Before I started this thing called blogging.
And ya'll made me cry with your heartfelt words!
Got out the pink kleenex again!
Ya'll are awesome!
....with her Uncle Bo
Three men and a baby....
Here come's the hand off!
Which hand goes where?

Pass almost completed!


And she's a sleeper.
She hasn't wanted to nurse.
Just sleep!
I'm sure that will change at some point!

The balloon fairy!

Her "Aunt-to-Be" Amanda
plans on coming out every weekend
just to hold her!

Charlie telling Bella goodbye.
He's got his photos to show
the guys at work tomorrow.
And he's wearing his
pink hospital wristband, too!
When he left work last Monday his boss, whose name is Terry Bell, was giving him a hard time. He said " are naming this baby Terri or Theresa (after me) aren't you?
Charlie said "No sir, we're naming her Bell-a."
"That'll do!"
True story!
I am so proud of him.
He has stayed by Jessica's side the whole time.
Hung in there through 18 hours of labor plus 8 hours of pre-stuff.
Holding her hand and coaching her through the contractions.
"Come on baby can do it!" he said as she pushed and pushed and pushed.
He changed all the diapers at the hospital.
Learned all about nursing the baby and patiently helped both Mom and baby.
After bringing them home he headed off to his job 2 hours away.
He's one tired but proud daddy.
Reminds me of his daddy...Mr. Hero.
Who took care of me exactly the same way.
He's going to be a great dad!
Did I say I'm proud of him?

Miss Bella....
Stretched out in her cradle
for the first time!

Yes...I'm in love!

It's amazing.
I knew it would be wonderful.
Everyone told me so.
But I had NO IDEA.
This _____.
All of the Above!
And it's only been 3 days!
I needed those pink kleenex in church yesterday.
It was all I could do not to have a full blown melt-down!
God....You are so good!
And thank you Jesus for the new job that you are creating for Charlie.
Remember...the one where he can be home with his family every night.
Thank you too for the abundance of milk that is coming in tomorrow.
Milk that Mommy is producing for that precious little Bella.
I thank you that You are supplying all their needs
according to your riches in glory.

Have a blessed week.....
from my delighted heart to yours!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Miss Bella Nicole!
Making her GRAND entrance at
after 18 hours of labor.
Weighing in at..........
9 lbs. and 7oz.
20" long
It may be Memorial Day Weekend
but her Mama has earned the right
to call it Labor Day!

Too cute!

Kay-Kay and Bella
I think I'm going to like this!
My middle name is Kay.
I didn't think Grammy fit.
My mom was MeMe.
Her other grandmother is Nana.
I'm going to be Kay-Kay!
Mr. Hero's middle name is Joe.
He's going to be Joe-Joe.
Kay-Kay and Joe-Joe.

Bella, Daddy Charlie and Joe-Joe!
I think the guys are beaming!

Mom with Bella.

The happy new family!

I want to say a big thank you for all your prayers and good wishes for the kids. I know a lot of you out there have been pulling for us the past few days and I really appreciate it.
They finally got a room at the hospital Friday morning. Part of the problem was not enough heart monitors for induced patients. They broke her water at 2:30pm and thats when the show got on the road. Doctor asked her if she wanted a c-section at 9pm. She said no. He asked again saying it was a big baby. She still wanted to try and have her. Labored all night and finally had her this morning with not much of an epidural left. Can I say there was a whole lot of pushing going on? For about 30 minutes! Almost a 10 pound baby! She passed out afterwards. But is doing fine tonight. And Bella is healthy! Shoot...she looks like she is two months old!
I did fine...didn't even need my pink kleenex!
Not sure if all of this has sunk in yet.
I don't have to tell you she's the
most beautiful baby in the world.
I just have 3 words to say.
That's what being a grandmother feels like!
Now I know why my mom always gushed about her grandkids.
I'm pretty sure I'm following in her footsteps.
I am totally blessed!

blessings from my delighted heart to yours!


I'll have more photos to show in the next few days
but I promise this won't become a baby blog!
Thanks for indulging me!

ps. Thank you Lord for this precious new life. I know you have wonderful plans for Miss Bella because your Word declares it in Jeremiah 29:11.
And Psalm 139:13 says you formed her inward parts and You covered her in her mother's womb. And she is fearfully and wonderfully made.
And she is perfect.
Thank you Lord.
Now it's time for the pink kleenex!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Still Waiting

Still waiting.

For a room.

At the hospital.

To induce labor.


The kids were told this afternoon to check back tomorrow at 4am to see if they have a room.

You'd think if they can schedule an appendectomy they could schedule a labor induction. On second thought.... an appendectomy is usually an emergency surgery! No scheduling there!

Oh well....we're trying to be patient.
Having to call the hospital every 4 hours has kinda taken the wind out of the kid's sails. But I'm sure when she does finally get the labor going they will get back to being excited.
As for me...I'm pretty much excited all the time!
Excited as in "happy" excited ....not "running around like a chicken with it's head cut off" panic excited.

Hopefully by tomorrow night we'll have some pictures.
I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The kids are still at home....waiting.
The hospital is full. No birthing rooms are available this morning and there are 2 on the waiting list before her! The inducement ceremony doesn't look like it will happen today....and unless Bella decides to make her own entrance they are saying it could be tomorrow or Friday before they have a room available.

Is it a full moon?

No, I just checked and it's not a full moon....must have just been a very romantic August 2008 here in town!

The nervous dad is not too happy....he only has 4 paid vacation days to get this baby here! I'm thinking he needs to load her up and go for a truck ride or a horseback ride or walk a couple of miles to get the ball rolling! There's a room at the hospital available if she goes into labor but not a room for them to induce labor.

Yes, we live in a small town....we might just have to start looking for a stable!

I'll keep you posted!

Hope your day is a blessed one!

From my delighted heart........


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

She's Almost Here!

Almost time for the BIG reveal!
The grand entrance!
The expected arrival!!! Miss Bella...
my first grandchild......
will be here tomorrow!

(Or at least by Thursday!)

In the wee hours of the morning....5:30am to be exact! Charlie and Jessica and Miss Bella (still in the bag) will make their way to the hospital for the inducement ceremony!

Jessica said the Dr. won't actually start the Pittosin (?) drip until noon so I'm thinking Miss Bella should be here surely by midnight!

When I was pregnant with Kountry 29 years ago...I had to be induced also. I remember going into hard labor almost immediately, laboring 12 hours, not dialating past 2 and having a C-section! I also had the same Doctor as Jessica...he actually delivered all three of my kids including Charlie!

We're praying and believing for an easy and quick delivery for Jessica and for a healthy baby Bella!

I've got the batteries for my camera and video camera all charged up and ready to shoot! And I've got my pink kleenex in my purse...I'm sure just a few tears of joy wil be shed! I'm ready to roll!

So hopefully by tomorrow night I'll have some of the first photos for you to see!

I'm so excited I don't know if I can sleep!

My youngest child will become a daddy tomorrow.

And I'm going to be a grandmother!

O Happy Day!

from my excited and delighted heart to yours!


ps.....if you haven't gotten your tickets for the raffle for the other Ms. Bella then click here. There are 50 prizes being raffled off for a great help with her medical expenses and the tickets are only $10.00 each! That's only about 2 trips for coffee here! Go be a blessing to this sweet family. Her story will warm your heart much better than the coffee!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Bella's Baby Shower

Last Saturday afternoon....We (Amanda my soon to be daughter-in-law and my daughter Amanda who we call Kountry and I) had a shower to honor our baby to be Miss Bella and her mommy (my daughter-in-law) Jessica. About 40 wonderful friends and family (some drove in from Dallas and Houston) convened at my house for food and fun ......all done up of course in PINK, PINK and more PINK!

Here's the scoop....
the story, food, decorations, gifts and peeps.

The Entry

Here's Jessica and Charlie on their
wedding day August 18, 2007.

Remember the sweater wreath I made at Christmas?
I found the pink sweaters at the same time
and decided to make a baby wreath.
Some of the jewelry belonged to my mother...
Bella's great grandmother.
And don't you just love the "Queen Bee" sign
I found at Hobby Lobby!
I think that may be her nickname!

The vintage baby planters were given to me when I had my babies!
I've been saving them for 23+ years!

Bella's Granddad ...Mr.Hero.....found this artwork at Canton for her bedroom.

I got to use all my vintage milkglass that was given to me recently by Mr. Hero's mother. Mr. Hero as a young boy would give his mom a piece of milk glass from the Western Auto store every year for her birthday and Mother's Day.
The square cake plate he bought me for Mother's Day this year!
I thought that was really special!
The pink carnations were ordered in bulk from Costco.
I had enought for everyone to take them home as party favors.

The table set with goodies......

Using one of my mom's vintage damask tablecloths I gathered up the corners with a rubber band and then covered it with a pink net bow.

The pink mannequin I found at a cute antique mall here in town....
The pink boa and pearls just added to the girlyness!

Are these not the cutest cupcake flags?
I had the brainstorm to make these a few days before the shower but didn't have a clue how to print them. But I knew someone who did!!! My sweet friend Tracey from Notes from a Cottage Industry makes cupcakes and flags all the time (and she has an amazing blog!)so I emailed her and she fixed me up....All I had to do was print them on some cute paper from HL and then Amanda and Kountry cut, pasted and glued the beads to the top for me. Those two also frosted all the little babycakes for me! We all had so much fun making them the night before the shower!

We made bunches of bite-sized cupcakes.
With them being bite-sized you had to eat more than one!
I'm thinking the 2 Amandas could start a bakery now!

We also hung some of Charlie and Jessica's
baby pictures on a ribbon clothesline.

Cute and funny!

The front yard got pink and white ribbons hung from the trees.

And the back deck got a banner to flutter in the breeze.
(Which I made at 4am Saturday morning!)

Jessica had just started opening gifts when she got a little suprise. Charlie! Jessica hadn't seen him in two weeks and he wasn't supposed to have gotten off work but he did.

So Charlie joined her in the opening of the gifts.
"Hey...what's in that box?" asked Charlie.

Miss Bella's First Bikini!
Given to her by her great aunt and cousin who drove all the way from Houston to come to the shower!

Charlie says "A one piece only for my girl!"

Charlie... being good in on the act of all the ohhhs and ahhhs from all the ladies!

Yes, son......we will see you carrying that!
And you will look stylish!

Bella's Aunt Kountry brought the "Rock Star" outfit
all the way from LA!
For her first photo shoot no doubt!

The kids were greatly blessed by the outpouring of love and goodies.
They say thank you to all!!!
And Miss Bella is all set to make her grand entrance!

The Doctor says she's ........DONE!
He would have induced labor this week but Jessica wants to make it through Sunday. She is in charge of the Dance Recital for the Boys and Girls Club on Sunday afternoon. So we'll see if Miss Bella shows up to dance with the rest of the girls!
Here I am with all my girls.
Amanda (The Bride), Me, Jessica, and Kountry
Aren't they adorable!
I am soooo blessed!
Thank you Jesus!

And one more blessing will be here before you can blink!

Here's hoping you have a wonderfully blessed weekend!
from my delighted heart to yours!
ps....after having such a great weekend and Mother's Day...I also had a birthday this week!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Here's hoping you all had a wonderful
Mother's Day!
Hydrangeas always remind me of Mother's Day. I love their big fluffy much color! And I'm amazed that you can change the color of the blooms by the minerals you put in the ground. And they are so beautiful when dried. As a kid growing up I remember my dad buying my mother a hydrangea plant for Mother's Day. Every Mother's Day. I can still see a large potted plant with the big showy blooms in pink or blue on the kitchen table with a card. It always showed up late on Saturday afternoon before Mother's Day. It kinda became a ritual....another year, another hydrangea. My mom never had to guess what she was going to get for Mother's Day! She loved hydrangeas! She always had hydrangeas planted in her garden! Her last few years were spent in a garden home that didn't have room for a garden! So no hydrangeas....
Then probably about 5 years ago my brother and sister in law were visiting one spring weekend and they bought my mother 2 hydrangea plants for her front porch. They bloomed in their pots that year and then spent the winter in the garage and rebloomed the next spring. And again the next and then she passed away in the winter. I took her dormant plants home with me and put them in the garage and when they started getting green I placed them on my porch. I still remember the overwhelming joy I felt when they bloomed the year after she went home to heaven. I was really missing her that spring and what a blessing it was when they bloomed again. It seemed like a little bit of my mom was still with me. And they bloomed again last year and they are fixing to (that's Texan for "about to"!) bloom again. And they are still in the same pots! I'm really not wanting to plant them in the ground...they have done so well in the pots! But maybe this summer I'll find them a good spot on the shady side of the house and give them a proper bed to reside in. They just might start multiplying! And that would be a good thing!
I still miss my mom.....but I so thankful for all the wonderful memories she left with me. And I think she left me her love of hydrangeas because I just had to buy me some last week.
The photo above is of some hydrangea plants I bought at Lowe's.
I needed some pink in the yard for the baby shower.......yes....the shower for my Miss Bella was yesterday afternoon at my house. I'll have the whole story with pictures up on the blog this week. But here's a little peak......
.......well I just thought I was going to give you a little peek...blogger won't let me get to my photos. Must be too many people uploading too many pics tonight! You'll just have to take my word...or 3 words.......Pink...Pink....PINK!!!!
Happy Mother's Day Mom!
from my delighted heart to yours!