Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Bella's Baby Shower

Last Saturday afternoon....We (Amanda my soon to be daughter-in-law and my daughter Amanda who we call Kountry and I) had a shower to honor our baby to be Miss Bella and her mommy (my daughter-in-law) Jessica. About 40 wonderful friends and family (some drove in from Dallas and Houston) convened at my house for food and fun ......all done up of course in PINK, PINK and more PINK!

Here's the scoop....
the story, food, decorations, gifts and peeps.

The Entry

Here's Jessica and Charlie on their
wedding day August 18, 2007.

Remember the sweater wreath I made at Christmas?
I found the pink sweaters at the same time
and decided to make a baby wreath.
Some of the jewelry belonged to my mother...
Bella's great grandmother.
And don't you just love the "Queen Bee" sign
I found at Hobby Lobby!
I think that may be her nickname!

The vintage baby planters were given to me when I had my babies!
I've been saving them for 23+ years!

Bella's Granddad ...Mr.Hero.....found this artwork at Canton for her bedroom.

I got to use all my vintage milkglass that was given to me recently by Mr. Hero's mother. Mr. Hero as a young boy would give his mom a piece of milk glass from the Western Auto store every year for her birthday and Mother's Day.
The square cake plate he bought me for Mother's Day this year!
I thought that was really special!
The pink carnations were ordered in bulk from Costco.
I had enought for everyone to take them home as party favors.

The table set with goodies......

Using one of my mom's vintage damask tablecloths I gathered up the corners with a rubber band and then covered it with a pink net bow.

The pink mannequin I found at a cute antique mall here in town....
The pink boa and pearls just added to the girlyness!

Are these not the cutest cupcake flags?
I had the brainstorm to make these a few days before the shower but didn't have a clue how to print them. But I knew someone who did!!! My sweet friend Tracey from Notes from a Cottage Industry makes cupcakes and flags all the time (and she has an amazing blog!)so I emailed her and she fixed me up....All I had to do was print them on some cute paper from HL and then Amanda and Kountry cut, pasted and glued the beads to the top for me. Those two also frosted all the little babycakes for me! We all had so much fun making them the night before the shower!

We made bunches of bite-sized cupcakes.
With them being bite-sized you had to eat more than one!
I'm thinking the 2 Amandas could start a bakery now!

We also hung some of Charlie and Jessica's
baby pictures on a ribbon clothesline.

Cute and funny!

The front yard got pink and white ribbons hung from the trees.

And the back deck got a banner to flutter in the breeze.
(Which I made at 4am Saturday morning!)

Jessica had just started opening gifts when she got a little suprise. Charlie! Jessica hadn't seen him in two weeks and he wasn't supposed to have gotten off work but he did.

So Charlie joined her in the opening of the gifts.
"Hey...what's in that box?" asked Charlie.

Miss Bella's First Bikini!
Given to her by her great aunt and cousin who drove all the way from Houston to come to the shower!

Charlie says "A one piece only for my girl!"

Charlie... being good in on the act of all the ohhhs and ahhhs from all the ladies!

Yes, son......we will see you carrying that!
And you will look stylish!

Bella's Aunt Kountry brought the "Rock Star" outfit
all the way from LA!
For her first photo shoot no doubt!

The kids were greatly blessed by the outpouring of love and goodies.
They say thank you to all!!!
And Miss Bella is all set to make her grand entrance!

The Doctor says she's ........DONE!
He would have induced labor this week but Jessica wants to make it through Sunday. She is in charge of the Dance Recital for the Boys and Girls Club on Sunday afternoon. So we'll see if Miss Bella shows up to dance with the rest of the girls!
Here I am with all my girls.
Amanda (The Bride), Me, Jessica, and Kountry
Aren't they adorable!
I am soooo blessed!
Thank you Jesus!

And one more blessing will be here before you can blink!

Here's hoping you have a wonderfully blessed weekend!
from my delighted heart to yours!
ps....after having such a great weekend and Mother's Day...I also had a birthday this week!


Artsy Fartsy said...

It all looks beautiful!!! I love the sweater wreath, it looked like a wonderful shower, the best decor ever! Have a Blessed weekend, Hugs, Janna

Sue said...

What a cute baby shower, loved everything. When is Bella due? I'm having a baby shower here at my house next week-end. And, Happy Birthday" to the soon to be Gramma!

Take care,

Tara Swain said...

Everything was B-E-A-UTIFUL! Y'all did SUCH a great job! :) I can't wait to meet Miss Bella!!

Coleen said...

oh my goodness! you out did yourself lady!! Everything looks perfectly girly-girl cute!

Heart Hugs,

Angie said...

Congratulations on the new grandchild. How exciting.

donna baker said...

You are blessed! You remind me of June Cleaver or Ozzie and Harriet; that everything is right with the world.

sparkled*life said...

Mrs. Patti you are amazing for sure! Happy birthday to you I didn't call you on your big day I am sorry!

I had such a great time at the shower!! Thanks so much for having me :)

Anonymous said...

Ohh Patti,
That baby shower looked just so amazing! You all did such an amazing job. Lovely decorations, lovely cupcakes, I could go on & on!
Best of luck on the impending arrival of Bella. Love to you all.
Kisses & Hugs from Oz,
Sarah xxx

Lisa said...

What a beautiful shower! I know the new mommy had a great time!

ACottageIndustry said...

Looks adorable!!! Everything was perfect, and I epecially love the banner on the back deck!

M Square said...

Looks like a fun time! The decore was great too! Can't wait to see Bella in her new duds!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hi Patti, what a beautiful shower!! Many blessing to your new grandbaby.

Frippery said...

Wow, what a beautiful party! Every little detail was just lovely. Bet you just can't wait for baby Bella to arrive. BTW Love your dining room wall color and all the milk glass. Pam

Kelee Katillac said...


How charming-- the shower--what a precious handmade gift of love!! I adore your sweater wreaths!

Thank-you for visiting at The Katillac Shack--I am so happy you found us! Your comments are affirmed and acknowledged!!

I believe!!

love, kelee

Jena Williams, Not So Shabby Interiors said...

What a beautiful baby shower! I am very excited for you as Baby Bella will sure be loved!!

Renae said...

You are indeed blessed! I look forward to having some wonderful DIL in the future and of course some grandbabies! Thanks for following me on my blog...
I, too, am a lover of Jesus! I am so thankful He is in control!


The Junkin' Yaya said...

Hi sweetie!

First, thanks for stopping by the yaya and your loving comments about my little angels!

What a BEAUTIFUL baby shower....and all the precious clothes. That Miss Bella will definitely be "stylin"!

LOVE that sweater wreath!!!!

Have a beautiful week my loving friend! xo...deb

Gayla said...

Oh my! What a beautiful shower - perfect in every way. I so enjoyed the "eye candy" pictures - Bella is fortunate to have such a talented grandmother - I can only imagine what tea parties at your house will be like!

zerry ht said...

Oh my god! Loved everything about this post. The colors, decoration, food everything is just superb! I have also booked one of the venues in Chicago for my sister’s baby shower. I would love to take the color ideas from your post. Brown and pink are looking amazing together.