Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Said I Wouldn't Do It

Do what? you ask.

Act like a crazy grandmother.

Yeah ...when other friends were having grandbabies...they'd pull out the photos and we'd ohh and ahh. And then they'd say "Just wait. There's nothing like it! You'll go crazy, too!" Yeah...right. I'd think no not me! Not me...I'm not acting like that! No, I'll be the cool grandmother. People will have to beg me to see photos. Hah!

Then it happened. She arrived. AND I went over the edge. I was actually carrying my iPhone around church on Sunday showing the first minute photos! (To whoever would kinda look my way!) My "Brag Book" is already full and it's only Day 4! I took these pics tonight and just had to post them!
I keep telling's for Kountry and Bo and Amanda and Cindy and Jacklyn and Jamie and Bobby and Elizabeth and Conner and the other relatives to see. But deep down in my heart I want to show her to the world....what crazy grandmother wouldn't! So indulge me a little while longer. After all...she's the first grandchild and you only get to be a new grandmother once!

I love this shot above...something about the light.

I got to feed her yesterday and today.
She burped and went right back to sleep.
I don't know what they're talking about
when they say she's up all night!
They will probably be calling me later
for the night shift!

Here's her daddy and I on Day 4 in 1986.
He weighed 8lbs. 1 oz.
We were still at the hospital.
He was a section baby.
His older sis started that tradition weighing 9lbs.2oz.
I'm not quite the "steel magnolia"
Bella's momma is!
After 12 hours of Lamaze labor...
When the Doctor said C......I said Section!
Here in Texas we like to say...the spittin image!
Her other grammy has already
nicknamed her Charleze!

I'm just calling her

I'm headed to Canton to find a TU-TU tomorrow for her photo shoot in a couple of weeks with the ever talented Ms. Tara Swain. I can't wait for a "professional" to get a hold of her!
And I can guarantee you'll see some of Tara's photos of Miss Bella right here!
Although I may have to play with my camera and a sleeping naked baby this weekend!

I promise we'll be back to Wedding Wednesdays next week.
Got some cute wedding stuff to show
I'm working on a really cute and easy
project to hang on the wall.
You're going to love it!

Blessings from my delighted and crazy grandmother's heart!



Anonymous said...

What a cutie & yes she is the spitting image of her daddy! Glad to hear everything is going well. Keep those photos comming!
Love to you all.

trash talk said...

I tried to warn you! We all start out big and bad thinking we won't be one of THOSE grandmothers, but then we find just goes with the territory! And you know what? We earned that right!!!
OMgoodness, "Charleze" is spot on. I have never seen a baby look so much like her daddy at the get go!
You'll know when you have taken too many photos by the fact that when someone says photo op, she automatically poses! Another way is when she sees someone with a camera and she flashes them a smile. If her first word is "Cheese" then yes, there has been one to many photos. Finally, if you can point an empty camera at her and she starts doing the vogue, you know you have overdone it! Sweetie, you know I am just kidding you...there is no such thing as too many photos or too much grandmother love. Neither one is ever enough. She's beautiful and perfect just like her Kay-Kay!
BTW, in Texas not only is it spittin' it is also nekkid!

Frippery said...

Sweet Sweet Sweet! I don't blame you for going a bit crazy. Keep showing those pictures all you want!

LillySue said...

We can feel the love coming right out of our computers!! Give her lots of kisses from us!

Sue said...

Hey Crazy. . . keep up the photos, they make me smile each and every time I look at your blog! Trash Talk is right, we all become one of THOSE!!!

Take care, Sue

our little love nest said...

We have a baby Bella too! She is a little older so I thought I would follow to see the cute photos!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

She is beautiful! Big and beautiful! And I love your love for her. ~Mindy

Lisa said...

You're not livin' if you don't act a little crazy sometimes. And what a beautiful reason to go ga-ga! Little Bella is just like your son...the sequel (O: Glad to hear she's doing so well. She is a doll!

donna baker said...

I'm so happy for you. She sure looks like a good baby. I told my kids I was going to teach mine to stamp her foot and say no. Ornery aren't I. Anyway, Isobel is our first and is now a terrible two; wait till Bella slaps you in the face. Hard to imagine? Just wait, you'll think it is the cutest thing anyway. Again, love that you're loving Bella so much.

Cherry's Creations said...

She is so precious! Congrats to your family!

Anonymous said...

That sweet baby girl looks just like her daddy - she is just too sweet. I remember it was love at first sight when I saw my grandbabies. Everyone tells you how wonderful it is but nothing prepares you for the overwhelming LOVE. Blessings to your family , Sue

Tracy said...

Hi, I'm visiting via the junkin yaya.
Oh that is the prettiest baby, she does look just like her daddy.
I'll tell ya, my oldest daughter is 23, got married back in Sept. 08and I'm soooooooo ready for a grandbaby! I can hardly wait, I know it's going to be the most wonderful thing. I joke around with my daughter and son in law all the time, they just roll their eyes at me (you see they're just not ready yet, haha). When we went out to eat for my son in law's 24th bday supper I even told him I was afraid his biological clock was running out, they better hurry. LOL...........again they just laughed and rolled their eyes at me.
So some day if you happen to hear someone hollering coming from the direction of Alabama you'll know it's me being told I'm going to be a grandmother. :-)
Have a great Sunday

curiousgoods said...

She is so beautiful! Enjoy every moment! Donna

Jennifer said...

I Loooooooooove how you went right over the edge, and you aren't even trying to deny it! She is so precious, and worth every bit of ga-ga! Did you find a tu-tu?