Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The kids are still at home....waiting.
The hospital is full. No birthing rooms are available this morning and there are 2 on the waiting list before her! The inducement ceremony doesn't look like it will happen today....and unless Bella decides to make her own entrance they are saying it could be tomorrow or Friday before they have a room available.

Is it a full moon?

No, I just checked and it's not a full moon....must have just been a very romantic August 2008 here in town!

The nervous dad is not too happy....he only has 4 paid vacation days to get this baby here! I'm thinking he needs to load her up and go for a truck ride or a horseback ride or walk a couple of miles to get the ball rolling! There's a room at the hospital available if she goes into labor but not a room for them to induce labor.

Yes, we live in a small town....we might just have to start looking for a stable!

I'll keep you posted!

Hope your day is a blessed one!

From my delighted heart........



Sue said...

I bet you are SO excited, you just can't wait!! I know I can't wait to see your first photos of that beautiful grandbaby just waiting to be held in your arms! I'll be checking back soon.
Take care, Sue

trash talk said...

My DIL, Misty, swears that I threw her into labor by feeding her Texas Goulash! Sounds like it might be time for a trip to the neighborhood mexican restaurant for a little spicy lunch to see if we can get this little ball to rolling. Keep us posted.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I vote for the bumpy road, it does work! And, in this instance patience is out the window. Hoping and praying for a quick delivery...

Frippery said...

Anticipation! By this weekend your little treasure will have arrived.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Always a dilemma! Those babes have a mind of their own when they want to announce their arrival. Our first born was almost 3 weeks late. I ate some blinis the night before I was scheduled to go in. Worked like a charm at about 1:30 AM. To this day, I can't eat them as I always associate them with cramps! Good luck to an easy delivery!

donna baker said...

I'm excited for you. What joy to come. My new little grandson will arrive June 23rd and I can hardly wait to see him.

Lisa said...

So exciting! She'll be here before you can say lickety-split!

Junkin' Yaya said...

Hey sweetie!

Well, tell her to "NOT CROSS HER LEGS"...and start cleaning with a fury! :)

Thanks for stoppin' by the yaya, and yes it was a beautiful day spent with my Texan hubby!