Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Here's hoping you all had a wonderful
Mother's Day!
Hydrangeas always remind me of Mother's Day. I love their big fluffy much color! And I'm amazed that you can change the color of the blooms by the minerals you put in the ground. And they are so beautiful when dried. As a kid growing up I remember my dad buying my mother a hydrangea plant for Mother's Day. Every Mother's Day. I can still see a large potted plant with the big showy blooms in pink or blue on the kitchen table with a card. It always showed up late on Saturday afternoon before Mother's Day. It kinda became a ritual....another year, another hydrangea. My mom never had to guess what she was going to get for Mother's Day! She loved hydrangeas! She always had hydrangeas planted in her garden! Her last few years were spent in a garden home that didn't have room for a garden! So no hydrangeas....
Then probably about 5 years ago my brother and sister in law were visiting one spring weekend and they bought my mother 2 hydrangea plants for her front porch. They bloomed in their pots that year and then spent the winter in the garage and rebloomed the next spring. And again the next and then she passed away in the winter. I took her dormant plants home with me and put them in the garage and when they started getting green I placed them on my porch. I still remember the overwhelming joy I felt when they bloomed the year after she went home to heaven. I was really missing her that spring and what a blessing it was when they bloomed again. It seemed like a little bit of my mom was still with me. And they bloomed again last year and they are fixing to (that's Texan for "about to"!) bloom again. And they are still in the same pots! I'm really not wanting to plant them in the ground...they have done so well in the pots! But maybe this summer I'll find them a good spot on the shady side of the house and give them a proper bed to reside in. They just might start multiplying! And that would be a good thing!
I still miss my mom.....but I so thankful for all the wonderful memories she left with me. And I think she left me her love of hydrangeas because I just had to buy me some last week.
The photo above is of some hydrangea plants I bought at Lowe's.
I needed some pink in the yard for the baby shower.......yes....the shower for my Miss Bella was yesterday afternoon at my house. I'll have the whole story with pictures up on the blog this week. But here's a little peak......
.......well I just thought I was going to give you a little peek...blogger won't let me get to my photos. Must be too many people uploading too many pics tonight! You'll just have to take my word...or 3 words.......Pink...Pink....PINK!!!!
Happy Mother's Day Mom!
from my delighted heart to yours!


Lisa said...

What a wonderful story about your Mom. I love hydrangeas too but never seem to have luck growing them. Happy belated Mother's Day! Can't wait to see the shower pics!

sparkled*life said...

Ohhhh Mrs. Patti I was sobbing the whole time I read this! Isn't God so good? That is so special that they are still blooming. Your mom is forever in our hearts and her beauty is still being seen in the flowers she loved the most. I won't be able to see those flowers now and not think of Mimi!
*wiping tears*

Trailer Trash said...

That was such a beautiful story, thank you.
Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite. I want to plant them all over my back yard, but this San Antonio heat, I am afraid too.
xoxo trailer trash

donna baker said...

I too grow hydrangeas and planted a few more this spring. Lowe's does have beautiful plants. I seem to do the best with them when planted on the north side of the house. I'd even like a hedge of them. Can't wait to see posts of the new baby. I'm having a grandbaby boy June 23rd.

LillySue said...

It is so nice you have your Mama's hydrangeas! I hope they do well for you. They are one of my most favorite flowers, in any shade of blue or pink!
Thank you for the heads up on the sugar recovery book for kids. I looked at the site and will check amazon for the book.

Hampton House said...

Oh thanks for the beautiful story of Mimi! She is such a treasured dear in my heart. I am so thankful she is part of my life, in you. Hug to you my wonderful friend!

And the baby shower...PINK!!! and beautiful!

Hampton House said...

ummmmm that should say hugs to you!

trash talk said...

What a lovely story and what a beautiful reminder! You can keep the flowers forever.
Happy late Mother's Day to you as well. I'm playing catch up!
You are not supposed to work on your B' are supposed to play! Don't worry...your Bella is going to be my birthday gift, remember?

Anonymous said...