Tuesday, May 19, 2009

She's Almost Here!

Almost time for the BIG reveal!
The grand entrance!
The expected arrival!!!
Yes.....my Miss Bella...
my first grandchild......
will be here tomorrow!

(Or at least by Thursday!)

In the wee hours of the morning....5:30am to be exact! Charlie and Jessica and Miss Bella (still in the bag) will make their way to the hospital for the inducement ceremony!

Jessica said the Dr. won't actually start the Pittosin (?) drip until noon so I'm thinking Miss Bella should be here surely by midnight!

When I was pregnant with Kountry 29 years ago...I had to be induced also. I remember going into hard labor almost immediately, laboring 12 hours, not dialating past 2 and having a C-section! I also had the same Doctor as Jessica...he actually delivered all three of my kids including Charlie!

We're praying and believing for an easy and quick delivery for Jessica and for a healthy baby Bella!

I've got the batteries for my camera and video camera all charged up and ready to shoot! And I've got my pink kleenex in my purse...I'm sure just a few tears of joy wil be shed! I'm ready to roll!

So hopefully by tomorrow night I'll have some of the first photos for you to see!

I'm so excited I don't know if I can sleep!

My youngest child will become a daddy tomorrow.

And I'm going to be a grandmother!

O Happy Day!

from my excited and delighted heart to yours!


ps.....if you haven't gotten your tickets for the raffle for the other Ms. Bella then click here. There are 50 prizes being raffled off for a great cause...to help with her medical expenses and the tickets are only $10.00 each! That's only about 2 trips for coffee here! Go be a blessing to this sweet family. Her story will warm your heart much better than the coffee!


M Square said...

Congrats Patti! Can't wait to see her!

trash talk said...

I was hoping to get Miss Bella as a gift for my birthday, but I accept belated ones as well.
Get ready girlfriend...if you thought blogging was fun, you ain't seen nothing yet! You are about to join the greatest club in the world.
This little girl is going to be the foofooest baby ever with you as her grandmother. I am over the moon with joy for you and your family.
You truly are a blessed woman and deservedly so. You are a blessing to all of us who get to call you friend.
All my love to you on this special day. I will hold you in my prayers until Miss Bella makes her grand entrance and I cannot wait to see her!
Kisses to all,

Coleen said...

oh I can feel your joy right through the computer screen! One of the best things in life is snuggling a newborn babe....can't wait to see the pictures! My first grandson will be here in July!

Heart Hugs,