Thursday, May 21, 2009

Still Waiting

Still waiting.

For a room.

At the hospital.

To induce labor.


The kids were told this afternoon to check back tomorrow at 4am to see if they have a room.

You'd think if they can schedule an appendectomy they could schedule a labor induction. On second thought.... an appendectomy is usually an emergency surgery! No scheduling there!

Oh well....we're trying to be patient.
Having to call the hospital every 4 hours has kinda taken the wind out of the kid's sails. But I'm sure when she does finally get the labor going they will get back to being excited.
As for me...I'm pretty much excited all the time!
Excited as in "happy" excited ....not "running around like a chicken with it's head cut off" panic excited.

Hopefully by tomorrow night we'll have some pictures.
I'll keep you posted.


trash talk said...

What is in the water in Sulpher Springs? How many babies are being born in May, for goodness sake. I'll keep watching for updates. Come on, little Bella, don't wait for the doctor. Time to make your grand entrance NOW! Your audience is waiting.

Hampton House said...

Keep us posted!
It is exciting!
When you do come back and post about Bella being born. You will be a totally different person.Your heart will be stretched by the joy of the experience and the love of your granddaughter. I am so excited for/with you.

Hampton House said...

Patti, I am sitting here just bawling with joy for y'all. Tears just rolling freely.

Kelee Katillac said...

So excited!!!So happy for you.....beautiful!!!!

love, kelee

Lisa said...

What happens if she just goes into labor on her own. Would they find them a room then? Sigh... All you can do is hurry up and wait (O: Looking forward to pics of the new grandbaby Bella!