Monday, December 14, 2009

Sneak Peak

da Bomb.
Crazy and dope.
Downright stinkin fun...
outta the park Home run!

Those are only a few of the words that come to mind for what went on this weekend. After 12 months of planning...

Haven't had this much fun since Charlie and Jessica's wedding!
In fact I had so much fun I didn't take any pictures. But I'll put some up as soon as I can get some from my sister-in-law. And the professional ones should be ready soon. But until then....

Here's a sneak peak of the wedding and the bridal photos from the amazing photographer Tara Swain. Click here.
(Take a deep're fixing to lose it!)

I'll be back when my heart stops dancing long enough to type!



Friday, December 11, 2009

The Big Day Is Here!

They're going to the show!
Amanda & Bo
Love wins.

Box score, Stats, and Game Summary

to follow on the

Post Game Show! heart's delighted today!



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm Back! (I Think.)

When you've been off the blog for over 2 months how do you get started again?

So much has happened....where do I begin?

How about Highlights to start with.......

Well.... starting where I left off around the middle of August.....

1. We had a great party for Mr. Hero's Office Celebrating 30 Years in Dentristry. It was like Christmas in August...all the kids were here (including Kountry), there was great food, fun, friends, presents, and dancing! I'll be sharing photos, recipes, and the story of how we ended up in this town 30 years ago.

2. Another party the end of August...this time a "Honey Do" Shower for some sweet friends of ours from church that got married in September.

3. Labor Day with the future In-Laws...we had a great time relaxing and enjoying all the family.

4. September 25th ....while lots of you were boot-scootin through the antique shows in Texas, Mr. Hero and I were celebrating 33 years of married bliss in Santa Fe, NM. Got a few photos and a few stories to tell you.

5. October rolls around with rain, rain, and more rain. Had a leak and had to pull carpet from 2 rooms. Still have concrete floors .... waiting to see if the leak is fixed.

6. This past weekend was our first Fall Round-Up at the Lake. What do you call it when you add 20 of your kids friends (age 25-30) plus a few others, a perfect fall day, roasting weenies over a bonfire, s'mores, carmel apples, pumpkin squares, hay ride, dancing under the stars, and a much loved grandbaby?
Bliss....Blessed Bliss! We had a ball and I have some awesome photos to share cause one of the girls is a photographer!! She captured the perfect day perfectly! (And 10 of them spent the night!)

7. The Wedding fast approaching and we've been really busy with stuff! Got lots of neat things to share! The kids did their engagement photos with Tara Swain several weeks ago and they are amazing! She had them looking like fashion models! Hope to be able to share a few of those... The Bride has her bridals with Tara this week but we can't show you those until after the wedding! We've been working on the invites...which I hope I can reveal next week...they are just too stinkin cute!

8. P-90X....Yes, Mr. Hero and I have been doing the mother of all work-outs for the past 2 months...6-7 days a week. Starting to see finally some results on me....a few inches...a few pounds. (Mr. Hero's lookin might fine tho!) It has been taking up a lot of our evening time...and we've been staying at the lakehouse which has no internet. Another reason for no blogging.

9. Miss Bella.....has grown up the past 2 months! She has spent the night with us several times. I've got lots of photos. She's now 5 months old and is just a cutie patootie! I just love it when she giggles! She seems to think I'm funny! Imagine that! I will do a whole post of Bella photos.

So, my friends, I'm sorry I have been so absent from the blogging world...I've tried to keep track of what you all were doing but I haven't had much time to comment. I'll do better....I promise. I know how much comments mean. It may be after the wedding before I'm back in the swing of things full time. But I'm back.

Hope you all are having a wonderful fall!

From my delighted heart to yours!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Big Surprise!

Tonight I was headed to Dallas with Mr. Hero.....He had a seminar to go to and I was going to drop him off and do a little shopping. As we get to Rockwall he turned into the shopping center that I wanted to go to and told me I had 5 minutes to get what I needed cause he had a surprise for me. I squealed and said "Does it involve going to the airport?"
He said "Yes."
Kountry was due to land in 30 minutes!

Kountry is our daughter (real name ...Amanda) who lives in LA. (As in California not New Orleans.) 1526 miles from her mama! The last time she was home was in May for Miss Bella's baby shower.

I had been wanting her to come for a visit and to see the baby. And I really wanted her to come home for this weekend because we are having a celebration in the form of a PARTY ......for Mr. Hero and his office crew. He has been practicing dentistry for 30 years this month and that calls for a PARTY! PARTY at the Lakehouse! The rest of the family was coming and I wanted Kountry here too. Also, Miss Bella is getting "Blessed and Dedicated" this Sunday at Family Life Church and Aunt Kountry needed to be here. Well...She kept telling me she was too busy.

SURPRISE......We picked her up at the airport! No, she didn't get off the plane looking quite like the above photo...(that was taken at her class reunion last fall) but she looked pretty good to me!

So I got a surprise tonight and we've got a great family weekend planned.

It doesn't get any better than this!

Thank You Jesus!

And Thank You Mr. Hero!

You are the best!

"Delight yourself also in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."

Hoping you have a wonderful weekend also!

From my delighted heart to yours!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bella to Bella

Hey yo that your P-A-R-T-Y everyone's talking bout?...
Don't know why they always spell in front of me. Guess they know I will have to be there.

And if I don't get what I want I put this face on right before I open my mouth and make a LOUD noise. That results in me getting picked up and put on the nearest shoulder. The view is so much better from up here. You might want to try it when you get home. I'll guarantee it to work!

But really girlfriend.....I am so ready for that fact I'm already in my car seat. Which I normally make that LOUD sound when they put me in this thing but Kay-Kay is sitting back here entertaining me till we get there.
Yeah she's always good for a laugh! And a few raspberries! I love sticking my tongue out at her. You need to learn this trick also. They think it's so funny now...wonder what they'll think when we're three!

Oh no.... Kay-Kay wore me out....I think I'll just catch me a little nap on the way to the party. Can't wait to see you my fabulous little girlfriend! Heard you got some new heels...I have to show you my heelarious boots. They're pink!

And while you are waiting for the party to begin you might want to look at the photo shoot I did with Miss Tara Swain....yeah I know I was just a little baby then but Kay-Kay has been too busy to post the pics. Miss Tara did an awesome job...she even did a music video slideshow! Turn your speakers on and watch it....It made Kay-Kay cry! You can see it all here.
And then you must come back and see the post Kay-Kay did last night about the wedding and all the fun they had at the after party which I slept through! Yes ...I think I got the party gene too! Been known to pull an all nighter once or twice myself!
I know you are going to have one rockin shower girlfriend! Now don't start that party without me...I'm on my way! I rock too!

Blessings from your new BFF!

PS You can read more about my fabulous friend Bella who was born at only 23 weeks and has made an awesome recovery here at her grandmother's blog or here at her momma's blog. God is so good!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Wedding ....Part II

As the sun went down.....
on our Texas backyard....
we lit the lanterns and the lights....
and a magical kind of glow descended over all.
The party was about to begin.....
(Turn your speakers on for a little Texas dance music!)

My version of garden lights.... citronella candles in a birdcage!A Texas Wedding is not complete without Barbeque!
And it was delicious!
It was really too dark for photos
but here is the head table.
Don't ya just love the string lights on the deck?
Found them on the internet and we used yellow bulbs.
Insects don't gather around yellow like they do the white.

Another shot of tables with lake in the background.
And the new yard lights.

Here's the head table the next morning.

The food was served right behind the drink table.

Table decorations consisted of white cloths and burlap,
galvanized buckets of lirope with pink fuzzy flowers,
assorted cowboy boots,
mason jars with candles,
and slate rocks.

Found the pink fuzzy flowers at W-Mart...
(they are silk but look like wildflowers)
By using the lirope or monkey grass
and silk flowers,
we were able to set up the tables
earlier in the day and
they stood up to the scorching Texas sun and heat.
Cut flowers wouldn't have made it!
I missed getting photos of the cake cutting,
the first dance and the toasts.....
I had misplaced my camera.
Good thing I wasn't the photographer too!
Back to the party...and I do mean PARTY!
NOW turn the music up Mr. DJ....
Let the dancing begin!
Sadly, I don't have a photo of my favorite DJ
who also happens to be my hairdresser!
Yea...he rocks the salon too!
But I've got to give a shout out to Erik....
he did an awesome job and
also took all the dance photos!
Thanks Erik!
Now a Texas Dance just isn't a dance without
"Boot Scootin Boogie"!
(playing now on my playlist)
Charlie and I did a little repeat of the
Mother/Son Dance we did at his wedding!
A little two steppin'.....
and some Texas Swing!
Yes ....I'm wearing boots with my sundress!
Was going to wear my cowboy hat but my hair
looked too good that night to cover it up!
You have to have a good hair night when your hair stylist is coming over!
(Plus it was too hot!)

We had a blast!
And I tell you...that boy can dance!
(He got the rhythm gene from that blond he's dancing with!)

Soon the bride and groom made their
departure through a sea of sparklers....
missed that shot too...
I was rocking Miss Bella to sleep!

Now it's time for the RELIEF party to begin!
Crank up that music Erik...
Let's rock the neighborhood!

Somebody call 9-1-1!!!!
That was the chorus to one of the songs....
And we all jumped up and down!

Both of my boys getting their bounce on!

Charlie, Bo and Amanda and I kicking it up!
Anybody remember the "Sprinkler"?

Charlie persuading his wife to dance....

Miss Bella's Momma
Isn't she pretty!

Charlie breaking it down!
He didn't stop dancing till they pulled the plug on the music!

Mr. Hero ......taking me for a spin around the dance deck!

Cheesing for the camera about midnight!
To say I was double dog tired was putting it mildly....
but boy it had been a day!
We pulled it off!
And as I stood there on the deck looking out over the lights I couldn't help but be thankful....
Thankful that the kids did get married (that's another story!) and that they had asked us to be a part of it.
Thankful for our friends and their help over the past 3 months.
Thankful for all my kids and the amazing joy they give me.
They are truely a blessing!
(Kountry we missed you!)
Thankful for my husband who always has and always will be my hero ....
he worked tirelessly doing all those yard projects I thought up,
working 3 days a week sunup to sundown the last 3 months.
He literally worked his rear off...25 lbs!
I love you Mr. Hero!
Thankful that we are blessed.
Blessed so we can be a blessing to others.
God you are so good........
"every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father above."
Thank you.... Jesus!
I couldn't have asked for a more perfect night!
from my delighted heart to yours.....

PS. Now it's time to get to work on this next wedding.....
Can you say baseball, hot dogs and dancing?
It's going to be an out of the park home run!
And since it is another Texas Wedding you can bet there will be some "Boot Scootin"!
I can't's going to be awesome!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Big Hot Texas Country Western Summer Wedding

I'm back.
The wedding's over.
They're married.

They are not my kids.
This is not my son's wedding.
That wedding happens in December.

This is Miss Bella's Aunt who married Miss Bella's Daddy's Best Friend.
Last winter they were looking for a place to get married. They wanted it outdoors.
We offered them our yard at the lakehouse.
(This is where we will be moving when our house in town sells.)
We thought we'd just spruce up the yard a little.
Well, one thing led to another (kinda like when you paint a room).
It started out with a sprinkler system...yards and yards of dirt....12 pallets of grass....
then outdoor lights....then flowerbeds and flowers....the country garden....
flagstone steps and walkway....lights strung on poles around the deck.....
removing the dogpen and cleaning the concrete in pots....
and finding cool rustic furniture for the deck the day before the wedding!
All this took place on the weekends starting the first of April!
I'd say about 3 years worth of yard projects in 3 months!
And that's not even counting the "wedding projects".....
most of those got done the week of the wedding!
Oh and did I mention the heat?
By June we're working in 100+ degree weather!
But it was worth it.....I love my yard now!
And I can finally type again...
after having some carpel tunnel issues the week after the wedding.
The folowing photos are ones I snapped when I thought of it.

Cody and Cassie
July 11, 2009

Here's the couple right after their "first look" at about 4pm that afternoon.
(Temperature about 103+)
This is something a lot of couples are doing now. They have a "first look" and then take most of their photos before the ceremony. Everything runs so much smoother and there's not such a long time between the ceremony and the reception.
Much better for the guests.

Found this sign the day before the wedding....
Hung it on the "arbor" entrance.
The guests made their way through this opening
between the garage and the guesthouse.
A little Texas hay for a Texas wedding!

Walking into the Country Garden....
they made their way down the flagstone path.

That's the deck in the background.

The sign on the settee reads...
"For I know the plans I have for you...
plans to prosper you and not to harm you."

Another view...
the sunflower came up voluntary from birdseed!

Walking towards the lake the guests left their gifts in a vintage red wheelbarrow
and picked up an icy bottle of water from the old galvanized wash tubs.

All the tables were set on the left.
(There's one of the lightpoles in the background.)

Time for the ceremony to begin.
The Grandparents and Parents
walked down the hill together.
Then the Wedding Party climbed onto a flatbed trailer
loaded with hay for a ride down the hill.
The guys helped the girls in and out of the trailer.
(The girl's dresses were a pretty mocha color.)

Ringbearer and Flowergirl.

Wagon's loaded!

The Groom and the Preacher drove the Rhino.

The photog was trying to get lots of shots.
On the deck and at lakeside.
Here she jumped on the wagon and road down the hill with the wedding party .....
then came back up the hill with Mr. Hero.
Mr. Hero ferried her up and down the hill.
I jumped on the back of the kart the last go round
and held on for dear life in my dress and boots!
(So glad the photog was in the kart and didn't get a shot of that!)
Here's the flowergirl and ringbearer just about to go down the aisle.

Then the doors opened and the bride and her dad stepped onto the deck.
Too bad the photographer and I were the only ones to see this!

They then made their way down the steps.
The flagstone steps we put in a few weeks earlier.
We also made lanterns to line the steps from huge jars
filled with pea gravel and candles.
And planted the yellow black-eyed susans
and white coneflowers.

They made their way down the hill to the tune
"Stealing Cinderella".

Past the guest table.
(Those are pink fans in the basket.)

To about 65 waiting guests.

In front of the arbor the groom made...
they said their vows.

Then poured the sand.
She poured white...he poured brown.
Symbolizing 2 lives now forever intertwined together.
(We used an old barrel as a table.)
With a kiss.....

And a prayer......

They became Mr. and Mrs.!

Then he helped her into the waiting Rhino (sans trailer).

And off up the hill they drove!

The Reception.
The Table Decorations.
The Dance Party.
The Relief Party.

And maybe a little Bella!

It's good to be back on the blog......
Blessings from my delighted heart to yours!