Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bella to Bella

Hey yo Bella....is that your P-A-R-T-Y everyone's talking bout?...
Don't know why they always spell in front of me. Guess they know I will have to be there.

And if I don't get what I want I put this face on right before I open my mouth and make a LOUD noise. That results in me getting picked up and put on the nearest shoulder. The view is so much better from up here. You might want to try it when you get home. I'll guarantee it to work!

But really girlfriend.....I am so ready for that party...in fact I'm already in my car seat. Which I normally make that LOUD sound when they put me in this thing but Kay-Kay is sitting back here entertaining me till we get there.
Yeah she's always good for a laugh! And a few raspberries! I love sticking my tongue out at her. You need to learn this trick also. They think it's so funny now...wonder what they'll think when we're three!

Oh no.... Kay-Kay wore me out....I think I'll just catch me a little nap on the way to the party. Can't wait to see you my fabulous little girlfriend! Heard you got some new heels...I have to show you my heelarious boots. They're pink!

And while you are waiting for the party to begin you might want to look at the photo shoot I did with Miss Tara Swain....yeah I know I was just a little baby then but Kay-Kay has been too busy to post the pics. Miss Tara did an awesome job...she even did a music video slideshow! Turn your speakers on and watch it....It made Kay-Kay cry! You can see it all here.
And then you must come back and see the post Kay-Kay did last night about the wedding and all the fun they had at the after party which I slept through! Yes ...I think I got the party gene too! Been known to pull an all nighter once or twice myself!
I know you are going to have one rockin shower girlfriend! Now don't start that party without me...I'm on my way! I rock too!

Blessings from your new BFF!

PS You can read more about my fabulous friend Bella who was born at only 23 weeks and has made an awesome recovery here at her grandmother's blog or here at her momma's blog. God is so good!


Sue said...

She's so, so cute. Haven't seen pictures of her in awhile, so it was great to see them this morning. Grandbabies are the best, think you'll agree on that one!

trash talk said...

Der Bella,
Tank u 4 comeing 2 mi prte. Nana is al craze rt now tring to get it al dun. U spl so mch betr thn me butt Ill gt the hng uv it.
U R 2 kute. I don't now if I lik u bng as koot as me, bt I gs we kn shar the sptlite! I want sum bots 2!
luv, Bella

Bellas, I think you are both beautiful...good grandmother genes! Be sure and tell your Kay Kay I saw the wedding photos and she rocks the dance floor! I want to go dancing with her!!! The wedding lights were fab...must get some of those. Our God is good and merciful! Hopefully my Bella will be home soon so she can meet you.
Love always,

our little love nest said...

oooh so adorable

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

What a model you are! I'm sure you two Bellas will continue to be the Belles of the Ball in your Granmamma's eyes. ~Mindy

The Renaissance Chick said...

I love that little face she makes before she cries! Too cute! They sure learn early, don' they? She is adorable!


Lisa said...

Dropped by to see the pics Tara took of Miss Bella! Oh my goodness gracious! That one of her suckin' her thumb...too cutie pie sweet! And her in the dresser? Hmmmm, Hmmmm,Hmmm. That is one beautiful baby.But then KayKay you knew that.:)

sparkled*life said...

Ok I am a softie....I bawled like a baby on the little picture slide show at the bottom of the site...ok ok I am still crying! I loved it Patti! What a blessing she is for you and Jessica & Charlie and and and and and....me :) I I love you girl! You are amazing!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Hi Patti!
Your little Bella is precious...her & Bella could almost be twins with their little bows! Too cute of a post!!!!
everything vintage

Barbara said...

Patti, What a darling and I can tell you are NOT very crazy about her. Wishing you many years of happiness with Bella.

Purple hugs.

Ruthann said...

My oh My what a sugar pie! The Lord has truly blessed your family! How precious was that slide show! And that song to go with it! Such beautiful moments to treasure. Looks like all is well and wonderful on your homefront...praise the Lord! Blessings to you Miss Patti...stop by and say "Hey" when you get a chance!

Junkin' Yaya said...

How sweet is that! Adorable!!! Don't ya just love being a grandmere!

By the way, that sofa cover you asked about....is a "neutral linen" I got from Bed, Bath & Beyond....and on SALE! :) Fortunately for me, it was the last one they had. I just need to now buy one of those steam irons that they have for clothes to get all the wrinkles out. :)

Have a great week! xo...deb

Anonymous said...

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