Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Big Hot Texas Country Western Summer Wedding

I'm back.
The wedding's over.
They're married.

They are not my kids.
This is not my son's wedding.
That wedding happens in December.

This is Miss Bella's Aunt who married Miss Bella's Daddy's Best Friend.
Last winter they were looking for a place to get married. They wanted it outdoors.
We offered them our yard at the lakehouse.
(This is where we will be moving when our house in town sells.)
We thought we'd just spruce up the yard a little.
Well, one thing led to another (kinda like when you paint a room).
It started out with a sprinkler system...yards and yards of dirt....12 pallets of grass....
then outdoor lights....then flowerbeds and flowers....the country garden....
flagstone steps and walkway....lights strung on poles around the deck.....
removing the dogpen and cleaning the concrete in pots....
and finding cool rustic furniture for the deck the day before the wedding!
All this took place on the weekends starting the first of April!
I'd say about 3 years worth of yard projects in 3 months!
And that's not even counting the "wedding projects".....
most of those got done the week of the wedding!
Oh and did I mention the heat?
By June we're working in 100+ degree weather!
But it was worth it.....I love my yard now!
And I can finally type again...
after having some carpel tunnel issues the week after the wedding.
The folowing photos are ones I snapped when I thought of it.

Cody and Cassie
July 11, 2009

Here's the couple right after their "first look" at about 4pm that afternoon.
(Temperature about 103+)
This is something a lot of couples are doing now. They have a "first look" and then take most of their photos before the ceremony. Everything runs so much smoother and there's not such a long time between the ceremony and the reception.
Much better for the guests.

Found this sign the day before the wedding....
Hung it on the "arbor" entrance.
The guests made their way through this opening
between the garage and the guesthouse.
A little Texas hay for a Texas wedding!

Walking into the Country Garden....
they made their way down the flagstone path.

That's the deck in the background.

The sign on the settee reads...
"For I know the plans I have for you...
plans to prosper you and not to harm you."

Another view...
the sunflower came up voluntary from birdseed!

Walking towards the lake the guests left their gifts in a vintage red wheelbarrow
and picked up an icy bottle of water from the old galvanized wash tubs.

All the tables were set on the left.
(There's one of the lightpoles in the background.)

Time for the ceremony to begin.
The Grandparents and Parents
walked down the hill together.
Then the Wedding Party climbed onto a flatbed trailer
loaded with hay for a ride down the hill.
The guys helped the girls in and out of the trailer.
(The girl's dresses were a pretty mocha color.)

Ringbearer and Flowergirl.

Wagon's loaded!

The Groom and the Preacher drove the Rhino.

The photog was trying to get lots of shots.
On the deck and at lakeside.
Here she jumped on the wagon and road down the hill with the wedding party .....
then came back up the hill with Mr. Hero.
Mr. Hero ferried her up and down the hill.
I jumped on the back of the kart the last go round
and held on for dear life in my dress and boots!
(So glad the photog was in the kart and didn't get a shot of that!)
Here's the flowergirl and ringbearer just about to go down the aisle.

Then the doors opened and the bride and her dad stepped onto the deck.
Too bad the photographer and I were the only ones to see this!

They then made their way down the steps.
The flagstone steps we put in a few weeks earlier.
We also made lanterns to line the steps from huge jars
filled with pea gravel and candles.
And planted the yellow black-eyed susans
and white coneflowers.

They made their way down the hill to the tune
"Stealing Cinderella".

Past the guest table.
(Those are pink fans in the basket.)

To about 65 waiting guests.

In front of the arbor the groom made...
they said their vows.

Then poured the sand.
She poured white...he poured brown.
Symbolizing 2 lives now forever intertwined together.
(We used an old barrel as a table.)
With a kiss.....

And a prayer......

They became Mr. and Mrs.!

Then he helped her into the waiting Rhino (sans trailer).

And off up the hill they drove!

The Reception.
The Table Decorations.
The Dance Party.
The Relief Party.

And maybe a little Bella!

It's good to be back on the blog......
Blessings from my delighted heart to yours!


Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Congrats to them booth, I know you are thrilled!! The pics... I just love the theme!!! Glad you are back, you have been missed, Blessings, Janna

Lisa said...

Such a beautiful couple! Your yard looks spectacular. I can't believe ya'll worked in that heat. OMG. Bless your darlin' hearts. I'm thinkin' you need to go into the wedding planning business. I'm definitely calling you when the grad student gets married!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

So many personal touches! Watch out! You now have a reputation for having a wonderful site for ceremonies. The calls are about to start coming in! haha Your garden is just beautiful, with the green, blooms and blossoms. Thank you for sharing and it's great to hear from you again! ~Mindy

trash talk said...

Oh mylanta, but I have missed you, my Darlin'!!! I am anxiously awaiting post of bella Bella.
Y'all really got busy...and in the heat no less.
Everything looks gorgeous and as if it were 80 instead of 100. So cool and green. Just think...your yard is ready and waiting on you when your house sells. You have definitely tilled the soil for God to plant the seeds. I'm smiling at the "wedding planner" comments!
They are a beautiful couple and I saw so many great ideas to steal, I mean borrow!
After all that work, you must be so skinny that you're bordering on invisible. I want to see a photo of you and your boots.
Love ya!

curiousgoods said...

This is so sweet. So great to see two kids having a wedding THEIR WAY!
So glad you now have a beautiful yard to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patti,
What a great post! Loved all the pictures, can't wait to see more.

Barbara said...

Patti, What a wonderful thing you did in offering your yard and everything was great..Texas Style.
I love it.

I have been absent also trying to keep up with my yard and we are building an outdoor kitchen at our little lake house.

Please come and visit me....


Barbara said...

Patti, What a wonderful thing you did in offering your yard and everything was great..Texas Style.
I love it.

I have been absent also trying to keep up with my yard and we are building an outdoor kitchen at our little lake house.

Please come and visit me....


Tammy said...

You did such a great job on the wedding...too bad I am already married, I would have had you in charge of it!!! It was so unique an beautiful...loved you boot skootin, those are the best weddings. Was that John Gandy that married them? I grew up with him and just love him to pieces...he is a great man, well his whole family is for that matter.

I know after all the pictures...lots of ideas are going to be stolen from you, that is for sure. Love ya!!!