Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Miss Bella Nicole!
Making her GRAND entrance at
after 18 hours of labor.
Weighing in at..........
9 lbs. and 7oz.
20" long
It may be Memorial Day Weekend
but her Mama has earned the right
to call it Labor Day!

Too cute!

Kay-Kay and Bella
I think I'm going to like this!
My middle name is Kay.
I didn't think Grammy fit.
My mom was MeMe.
Her other grandmother is Nana.
I'm going to be Kay-Kay!
Mr. Hero's middle name is Joe.
He's going to be Joe-Joe.
Kay-Kay and Joe-Joe.

Bella, Daddy Charlie and Joe-Joe!
I think the guys are beaming!

Mom with Bella.

The happy new family!

I want to say a big thank you for all your prayers and good wishes for the kids. I know a lot of you out there have been pulling for us the past few days and I really appreciate it.
They finally got a room at the hospital Friday morning. Part of the problem was not enough heart monitors for induced patients. They broke her water at 2:30pm and thats when the show got on the road. Doctor asked her if she wanted a c-section at 9pm. She said no. He asked again saying it was a big baby. She still wanted to try and have her. Labored all night and finally had her this morning with not much of an epidural left. Can I say there was a whole lot of pushing going on? For about 30 minutes! Almost a 10 pound baby! She passed out afterwards. But is doing fine tonight. And Bella is healthy! Shoot...she looks like she is two months old!
I did fine...didn't even need my pink kleenex!
Not sure if all of this has sunk in yet.
I don't have to tell you she's the
most beautiful baby in the world.
I just have 3 words to say.
That's what being a grandmother feels like!
Now I know why my mom always gushed about her grandkids.
I'm pretty sure I'm following in her footsteps.
I am totally blessed!

blessings from my delighted heart to yours!


I'll have more photos to show in the next few days
but I promise this won't become a baby blog!
Thanks for indulging me!

ps. Thank you Lord for this precious new life. I know you have wonderful plans for Miss Bella because your Word declares it in Jeremiah 29:11.
And Psalm 139:13 says you formed her inward parts and You covered her in her mother's womb. And she is fearfully and wonderfully made.
And she is perfect.
Thank you Lord.
Now it's time for the pink kleenex!


M Square said...

Congrats Kay Kay & Joe Joe!!! She is CUTE!!!

Anonymous said...

Miss Bella is just gorgeous. Wow not a bad size for a first baby either. So glad to hear it all went well. Will pop by tomorrow to see if you have any new pictures.
P.S: I may be on the other side of the world, but your delighted heart can be seen from here!

Anonymous said...




Sylvia Ramos

Lisa said...

Congrats!!! What a beautiful baby! But I don't have to tell you that(: Love the Kay-Kay and Joe-Joe vibe. Too cute!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh what a beautiful baby. Many congrats to Kay Kay and the rest of your family!!

Sue said...

Oh Kay-Kay, how well I know the joy that is in your heart right now. I have both chills and a smile on my face right now. The best chapter of your life as, indeed, just begun! What a beautiful family and photos, thank you for sharing them. And what a beautiful little girl you have!
Take care, Sue

trash talk said...

I read this before church service this morning and have not been able to think of anything else. I cried earlier and I'm crying now, I am just overcome with joy for you. Your happiness is spilling out all over my keyboard!!!
I don't think what I had got for BB to wear is going to fit...what a big blessing is she! Your dil is an amazing woman to have refused the c-section and done this the natural way especially after that long a labor and how long it took just to get a room. Most new mothers would have just said "yes" and got it over with. She really is a steel magnolia and I know you are proud of her.
Patti, this baby is the luckiest little thing to have you for her Kay-Kay(btw, be prepared if SHE decides to change your name, believe me, you will answer to anything including Hey You!). She will be loved like none other, pampered and taught what it is to be a woman of faith. She will learn how to be gracious, warm, loving, giving of heart, and all the things that make up a lady. She will know never doubt in her self, talents, beauty or the Lord. These are the things I see in her future with your gentle hand as her muse! I am so happy for you and enjoy the day...bask in it...revel it! Soon it will be time to change that dirty diaper!
May God bless you and your family and especially Baby Bella!

Tara Swain said...

Hooray for Miss Bella to finally be here! :) She is gorgeous!

Artsy Fartsy said...

Blessing for your little new Angel Bella, what a fabulous Memorial Day gift!! I am so happy for you, the photos are adorable! Take care and have fun with the little one! Hugs, Janna

Junkin' Yaya said...

Congrats new Kay-Kay! Welcome to the most loving world around....being the "Kay-Kay & Joe-Joe"!

We got to spend all weekend with our grandbabies this weekend and there is NOTHING like it! :)

Have fun!!!! Give Bella lots of smooches....xo..deb

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Love the names! Love the pictures! Love the love! Congrats and I am so glad she is healthy and happy. ~Mindy

donna baker said...

The pics say it all. Bella is beautiful and I do believe the guys were beeming. My sister is a Kay Kay too. I'm Nonna (as in Donna). Congrats!


Congrats Kay-Kay! What a gorgeous little baby. I know you are so happy and proud... Maggie

The Apiary said...

Congrats. Love the name of course. ;) She is beautiful!

WOW she weight 9 times what our Bella Girl was :0