Friday, February 13, 2009


Where is that LIMO!
It was supposed to be here by 5:00!
Where could it be?
I don't want to miss the par-tay!
"What par-tay?" you ask.
Why the Fab-u-lous par-tay Deb is
throwing over at Talking Trash!

Still waiting!
Outside...on my driveway!
Wait ...What was that?
The toot of the limo?
No...just an 18 wheeler honking at me!
WooHoo! Back at ya Babe!

I've been dressed since noon!
I can't wait to go to this once in a lifetime party!
Got my beads and beads and beads on
Oh a girl can never have too much!
Especially for this kind of party!
Even got my blinging belt left over from the 80s!
(Yeah I really wore that back in the day!)

Got the boots and bag!
And my flip-flop thongs
in case my feet get tired
dancing all night in my boots.
Gotta be prepared!

I'm bringing the bubbly....

And I made you a cake....
(Sorry Cat Daddy...
no cookies tonight!)

The toast is all ready......

Now since the Limo driver
called to say he's lost
somewhere in east Texas......

We're just going ahead and
have that toast
right here right now!

Here's to you my BFF!
Miss Deb-u-lous
Talking Trash-u-lous
U R The most Fab-u-lous
Blogger Chik-u-lous
out there!!!
Congratulations on your 100th post!
U R the BEST!

Oh there's the driver now....
Cue the lights!
Make room on the Red Carpet
Get out those cameras.....
We're ROCKIN now!
Par-tay on sistas!

Have a great
Valentine's Weekend!
Bless Ya'll!
From my fun loving
delighted heart to yours!


Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Wow, you are looking good for the party! That is some outfit - you Texans have it going on. And your personal pre-party looked fab too. What a great idea, a pre-party bash.

Frippery said...

Fab U Lous is not high enough praise for that blingy ensemble. Darn, I wish I was a Texas girl. Us Ohio chicks are just too stuffy and retiring. Love the belt, the 80's were where it's at. Pam


That is one Rockin' outfit!! Absolutely FaB U LouS!!

trash talk said...

I am so ashamed I wasn't there to greet you when you arrived. Ya shouda hitched a ride with that trucker...he'd a gotcha there sometime!
Girl, that is one HOT ensemb! That belt rocks and yes I wore one too. It looked fab with my aquanet swooshed hair!
OMGosh! I want those boots. They are to die for!!! What size are they and would you trade them for C.D. Oh, never mind. No amount of shoe polish could make him shine like those bad boys.
I have a new name and I love it...I am Chik U Lous! That I am, that I am or at least for today anyway.
Thank you so much for playing along in such a Fab U Lous way. I know I'm still on the right path...look at all the wonderful friends I am being blessed with every day.
Love you, my BFF

Shannon @ Silver Trappings said...

LOVE that entire outfit! Love the belt. Love the pink corset thingy.

Great post. Chick U Lous. Funny!


sparkled*life said...

Pattie there is one thing that is always so wonderful when I am with you I can't help but smile and laugh. You make my days and my life better just knowing you! What a blessing I have to have you in my life :D

You are amazing! I love you so much!

claudie said...

Looking goooood rocking mama.
WOW U R fab all dressed up. I'm glad you went ahead and celebrated.
You and Debbie are a hoop.
Happy VDay
Love Claudie
P.S. Loved your music. I'm into songs for every post also.

Sue Jackson said...

Hi Patti, Love the post and it's nice to see you are "back at it". I love the photos in this blog. Glad to hear too that you are chipping away at your diet! Good for you. Take care, Sue

The Junkin' Yaya said...

Lookin' good girlfriend! :) I had a sick, had to leave the boot scootin' boots at home. Glad to hear you all had a blast!

Love the outfit! xo...deb