Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wedding Wednesday

Here it is Wedding Wednesday and I haven't gotten a post in since last WW! Where did the week go? Between wedding and weeding and table designs for a BD party and some baby went by fast! So here's the wedding news....

When we first started talking weddings... The Bride told me that the wedding photography was pretty high on her list of proirities because she really want great pictures to remember THE DAY by. Sometime in January I ran across Tara's website and fell in love with her amazing work. I remember looking at all of her pictures and her blog till the wee hours of the morning and going crazy...they were so cool! And she lived only 40 miles from us in Paris, Texas! How come I had not heard of her? I emailed The Bride and she fell in love with Tara's pictures too! I wanted to share some of her work with you so here's just a sampling of her work she sent over to me tonight. (These are not our kids.)

Boot Scootin down a Texas Road!
Rockin the Dress!

Beautiful Bride in a Cute Vintage House!
Lovin that pink door!

Wedding Day
Here's one from an e-session!

Here's a Trash the Dress session!
Pretty cute!
For those of you who don't have a clue...the new thing now is sometime after the wedding you do another photo session and do creative things in your dress. It makes for amazing pictures and (unless you are going to sell it) your dress will probably just sit in your closet for 30 years like mine has and turn yellow! So you might as well get another chance to wear it! And have some fun!

Tara also does kids....
Future Rock Star!

And Senior Shoots
She could be a Rock Star, too!

And Newborns!

Definitely a Rock Star!!!
Yes, you will be seeing pictures of my new grandbaby by Miss Tara this summer!
So I asked Tara to tell me how she got in the photography business and she said.....
"I started taking pictures when I was 8 or 9... of our animals on the farm.. tractors, trucks, etc.... but I only started my business about a year and a half ago. Shot my first wedding last March and fell in love with weddings. I went full time the end of Oct 08 because it just got waaaayyy to busy. "
I love her by-line!
So why hadn't I heard of Tara Swain before?
She's only been doing weddings for a YEAR!
And full time for 6 months!
You have to check out her website and blog.
She has some really cute a turquiose couch and a hot pink couch and zebra chairs and she collects old trucks and tractors and vintage stuff.
Too cool!
She captures personality on film.
She will knock your socks off.
She's got amazing God-given talent.
She's 22.
And she's booked every weekend except for a couple through November!
(She was going to take December off until I shamelessly begged her to do our wedding!)
The Bride, her mother, and I met with Tara last Friday and we all left saying we can't wait for Tara to start shooting. She's not only talented but adorable and lots of fun!
She's going to do the engagements and bridals plus the wedding but it looks like she will be taking some baby pictures first!
I'm soooo excited....
from my delighted heart to yours!


trash talk said...

I love this!!! I can't believe she is only 22 and has already found her delight...God is good. You and I know it wasn't just a coincidence for you to have found her, right?
The new thing of "trashing the dress" just knocks me out. I saw where a bride did just that in the Louisiana swamps..can you imagine?
Hope you get to make a road trip to Zapp. I'll leave the light on for you.

Lisa said...

What fabulous photographs! Such a talented girl. It's so wonderful to see someone living their dream. Thanks for sharing!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Ha! I missed you yesterday! Thank you for sharing this talent with us. And what a talent! Congrats on finding her. Great stuff! ~Mindy

Dawnie said...

great photos. my favorite is the trash one..i would never have thought of that idea but it shows the couple are truly into enjoying the moment and not hung up on "being perfect". I'm having 2 new grandsons this summer--one in july, one august and i cant wait-i'm going to take photos and then get them done in large black and whites for their bedrooms.

LillySue said...

Wow- What a great find for you! The older I get the more value I place on GREAT photos. I try to take pictures I will want to look at and hubby just snaps everything. I am always thinking...Whhaaaattt????? When I go thru what he has taken. That gal has the touch that is for sure!
I am posting my kitchen redo today if you want to pop in for a look.
Blessings- LillySue

delighted heart said...

Yes Trash Talk it was no coincidence I found her...Jesus is GOOD! You should see some of her other photos of Trash the Dress...jumping off a dock into a lake; mudding on a 4-wheeler; laying in a pool of green algee (the colors were amazing!) Maybe I need to do a whole post on Trash the Dress..maybe after the wedding! We just need to Find the Dress right now!

Thanks all of you guys for the great comments!

Jen Stinnett said...

Funny thing about these wedding photographers... they're SO young! My sister's photographer is only 23, and you saw how awesome those pictures turned out! It's an amazing talent. I know your kid's wedding pics will be beautiful!

Betterchick said...

Patti...I can't believe it. My sister and I were just talking about how when she gets married, wouldn't it be fun to have the bridesmaids wear different vintage dresses....and you have a preview for us of what it will look like. I love wedding Wednesdays. This photographer is amazing!

Hampton House said...

What a treasure you have found here!...and truly what a treasure you are to those of us who know you! God has been so good to us
through you.

Blessings Dear Sister.

the voice of melody said...

She sure has a lot of talent, espcially for such a young woman. God has blessed her with this talent so that in turn she would bless you with it. I'm sure the pictures will be terrific!

Of the ones you shared today, the baby picture is my favorite. It just made my heart melt! :)

sparkled*life said...

I am so excited!!! I can't wait to see what tomorrow will hold since tomorrow is Wedding Wednesday!!!

The Apiary said...

I love her pictures.. Sent the link to my hubby and said this is what I want for my birthday real family pictures.. That are fun.
Thank you again for your prayers for Bella.. :)