Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm Back! (I Think.)

When you've been off the blog for over 2 months how do you get started again?

So much has happened....where do I begin?

How about Highlights to start with.......

Well.... starting where I left off around the middle of August.....

1. We had a great party for Mr. Hero's Office Celebrating 30 Years in Dentristry. It was like Christmas in August...all the kids were here (including Kountry), there was great food, fun, friends, presents, and dancing! I'll be sharing photos, recipes, and the story of how we ended up in this town 30 years ago.

2. Another party the end of August...this time a "Honey Do" Shower for some sweet friends of ours from church that got married in September.

3. Labor Day with the future In-Laws...we had a great time relaxing and enjoying all the family.

4. September 25th ....while lots of you were boot-scootin through the antique shows in Texas, Mr. Hero and I were celebrating 33 years of married bliss in Santa Fe, NM. Got a few photos and a few stories to tell you.

5. October rolls around with rain, rain, and more rain. Had a leak and had to pull carpet from 2 rooms. Still have concrete floors .... waiting to see if the leak is fixed.

6. This past weekend was our first Fall Round-Up at the Lake. What do you call it when you add 20 of your kids friends (age 25-30) plus a few others, a perfect fall day, roasting weenies over a bonfire, s'mores, carmel apples, pumpkin squares, hay ride, dancing under the stars, and a much loved grandbaby?
Bliss....Blessed Bliss! We had a ball and I have some awesome photos to share cause one of the girls is a photographer!! She captured the perfect day perfectly! (And 10 of them spent the night!)

7. The Wedding fast approaching and we've been really busy with stuff! Got lots of neat things to share! The kids did their engagement photos with Tara Swain several weeks ago and they are amazing! She had them looking like fashion models! Hope to be able to share a few of those... The Bride has her bridals with Tara this week but we can't show you those until after the wedding! We've been working on the invites...which I hope I can reveal next week...they are just too stinkin cute!

8. P-90X....Yes, Mr. Hero and I have been doing the mother of all work-outs for the past 2 months...6-7 days a week. Starting to see finally some results on me....a few inches...a few pounds. (Mr. Hero's lookin might fine tho!) It has been taking up a lot of our evening time...and we've been staying at the lakehouse which has no internet. Another reason for no blogging.

9. Miss Bella.....has grown up the past 2 months! She has spent the night with us several times. I've got lots of photos. She's now 5 months old and is just a cutie patootie! I just love it when she giggles! She seems to think I'm funny! Imagine that! I will do a whole post of Bella photos.

So, my friends, I'm sorry I have been so absent from the blogging world...I've tried to keep track of what you all were doing but I haven't had much time to comment. I'll do better....I promise. I know how much comments mean. It may be after the wedding before I'm back in the swing of things full time. But I'm back.

Hope you all are having a wonderful fall!

From my delighted heart to yours!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Glad you're back and I can see where you've been very busy!

Lisa said...

You have been one busy lady! Glad you're back!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Patti! It's so good to see you around. You have been missed! Sounds like you never stop. Isn't it fun, playing with friends and family? Welcome back! ~Mindy

The Apiary said...

Sounds like a busy two months. Can not wait to see new pics of Miss Bella.

silk purse said...

Sounds like a whirlwind of activity!.., But lots of fun though.., Since you seem to like to meet new people, do feel welcome to click on by to my little corner of the blogging world!.., cheers

trash talk said...

You make it sound like you have a real life or something! Girl, you have been one busy woman. With all you have going on, I'm surprised you need to worry about your weight at all. When do you sit down?
Let me tell you...I HAVE missed you big time. I need that quick with of yours to keep me jazzed.
I've been meaning to e-mail you and tell you I do have some bittersweet left. It's still on the trailer, so I don't know how or if it held up...if it did, I'll send you some. Okay?
I'll be looking forward to posts...when and if you get the time. Heck, just stick your head in and say howdy, OK?
Love ya bunches,

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

I have sooo missed you, glad you are back. Sounds like you have been busy and had a little fun at it as well. Blessed Bliss, Love it!! P90X... we have it... in the attic....I need inspiration to pull it out!! Keep me posted on how it comes along, BIG HUGS! Janna

Debra W said...

So glad to see you back, dear heart! You have been missed!


Sue said...

I can't wait to see Miss Bella photos! I've missed you and the pictures. Morgan will be five months on the 5th of this month. Where does the time go? Take care.

Roxanne said...

Hey sweet friend! What a great way to carch up and get back on the blog wagon!
Thanks for the heads up! It's working now. Beth is so excited!(It's not easy to decorate military housing) Thanks for trying to help her, Patti! Big hug!

Hampton House said...

So glad to see you blogging again!
I was kind of having Patti withdrals! Thank God I get to see you at church, I think that is what helped me through those days without a Patti post! Love you, and so glad to see God's blessings in abundance in your life!

LillySue said...

Glad you popped in to give us an update....Looks like you have been living life fully!

kanishk said...

Glad you're back!
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