Monday, December 15, 2008

Time Out to Refocus

Sometimes ya just gotta get out

the ole sweeper to clear the mind!

Not to mention all the fake tree

needles and glitter!

The house is just not decorating itself this year....

I keep telling myself it will be finished tomorrow...tomorrow...tommorrow.

May be due to the fact that after 10 years of red, gold, green, and yellow walls...this past spring and summer we did a major painting inside and out.

Now it's all neutral....cocoa, gray, sandy beige, creamy white...I love it but all the red and green Christmas stuff was not looking quite right. So I've dug through through all the boxes and boxes to pull out any silver, white, gold that I had in the past but.........

Saturday I kept finding myself bouncing from room to room, cabinet to cabinet, surface to surface, not finishing anything before bouncing off another wall. Very frustrated!!!

Finally I just had to get out the vaccuum and clear the floor!
When I could see the tile again, I felt so much better did the dog I'm sure!

Now he can sit down without getting glitter all over his rear end!

It's amazing how just sweeping up the mess can get you moving in the right direction!

So I'm back to the boxes....things are moving right along .....I should have it
finished by...........tomorrow!


Check back for the finished product!

Blessings from my heart to yours!



LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

In my world, that's called A.D.D.!!!



LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Btw, the store will be open on Friday and Saturday. I'm planning to head over to pick up some things at Tony's on Wednesday. Let me know your schedule girl!


delighted heart said...

HAHA Laurie....Me too...I have a hard time remembering to get the sweeper out! Now where did I leave that thing? Call me I'll be around Wednesday...we can do Holiday lunch at the winery!

trash talk said...

I tried keeping a little notebook beside me to write down bright ideas when I got one so I wouldn't forget later. But then I misplaced the little notebook. Try bringing a pepto bismol tree into the mix when you've always done gold, red and white! Talk about ADD. I have since decided I'll get done what gets done and I bet you will too! Debbie

ajunkqueen said...

I have had ADD all my life My family called it ants in your pants. Wish I were going to be in S.S. the vinery has great food.Maybe next month