Thursday, January 29, 2009


Just wanted to show.....
you where we've been for almost 2 weeks........


Well, I really wish it was that beach......
but we've really been at this beach......

Mr. Hero and I started on this about 2 weeks ago.
We'll look like we belong here
this summer !
We've decided to get healthy!
(Translate: Lose pounds and inches!)
With the grandbaby due in May
and a wedding in December...
we want to be able to keep up with the kids.
(Translate: Look good in wedding pictures!)
So South Beach ....we're living it!
I cook it...He eats it!
Now his suggestion was ......
we eat in our bathing suits.
Now that would keep us focused!
but I told him it
is a little chilly this week here!
(Translate: No Way!)
I think we start the "E" word next week....
(And I guarantee you I will not be in my bathing suit!)
Anyone care to join us on the beach?
Ya'll are invited!

Aruba, Jamaica...ooh I want to take ya...
Bermuda, Bahama, Come on pretty mama...
Key Largo, Montego, baby why don't we go?
Down to Kokomo.......

Hope ya'll are having a great week and keeping warm!

From my soon to be healthy

(translate: Skinny!)

delighted heart to yours!



Anonymous said...

Hi Patti,
What a great post!
I have to tell you I silently started singing Kokomo when I read the title of your post, that is one of my all time favourite songs, OK I love a lot of the Beach Boy's music.
Congrats on the whole diet thing, I wish I was more diciplined to stick to a diet......
Sarah xxx


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Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

You may not want to wear your bathing suits at meals, but try wearing tight workout clothes - I do find that helps to keep you motivated, especially when you've already made a little progress. Good luck!

trash talk said...

So does eating naked in front of a mirror, but I wouldn't try that. I do wish you much success. I'm meeting with a dietician this morning. WooHoo! Cannot hardly wait to hear how in order to obtain optimal weight loss results, my mouth needs to be surgically closed. Debbie

Frippery said...

You go girl. My hubby and I are on the weight loss trail with you. I am doing weight watchers and he has a diet from his Doc and a dietician. Let's get healthy together! (But not in our swimsuits OR NAKED IN FRONT OF A MIRROR DEB!))I am thinking health this time instead of looks although I do have my eye on a new wardrobe if it all works out the way I envision, Pam

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Good for you, Patti! I agree with Zita. If you actually "wear" workout clothes, you'll feel motivated to "do something" in them! It works for me, anyway. ~Mindy

Marie said...

I LOVE this diet!!! But remember to have "cheat-day"
Ya need one to keep going!
Marie :)

Sue Jackson said...

Hi Patti,
Good for you! And oh, that picture, I think we ALL want to be there!! A long time ago I made the decision to change what I eat, as in meat. I've been a veggie person for about 15 years and I think with all the soy stuff instead of the meat has really benefited my health. And doing this not only for yourself, but for your grandchild is awesome! Take care, Sue

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hi Patti, Theresa will just be thrilled to no end that you've offered her a place, who knows maybe one day she'll take you up on it! Have at the beach :) maybe I need to try this one.

Debra W said...

Best of luck, Patti! I am with you about NOT wearing the bathing suits to dinner! I don't think I would have been comfortable doing that since I was a teenager! Are you adding any exercise to the mix?

Thank you so much for the great comment that you left for me. You definitely do rock, my friend.


Barb said...

Thanks for coming by, and for your kind words about the bird nest tutorial.
I do really hope some of you will try it, and I am also working on new looks, and a little easier method.
I enjoy doing it the way the tutorial said, as it is a labor of love; kind of a 'hands on' thing for me.

Wait till you see the ones I'm working on for Valentines day!
Ever seen a pin foo foo bird nest??

Patti, I enjoyed reading your last post. It made me smile, a lot!!

Good job getting going on that. Sometimes we just need a little incentive.
You go girl!!! (and guy).

Barbara jean

Simplicity Cottage said...

Patti, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your post but I can't get the Beach Boys song out of my head now! Good luck on your diet.

I wish I had gone to Malakoff last Saturday! It looks like it was great fun and good shopping.

I have been playing around with my blog trying to learn as much as I can (on my own) It's pretty humbling when a 13 year old has to help.

Come by for a visit anytime!
xo ~ Donna

The Junkin' Yaya said...

Hi sweetie!

thanks for stopping by...and good luck with your "new journey"! Sounds like a fantastic goal, and it helps if hubby is in on it. I could stand to lose some pounds, couldn't include hubby though...he is about 6'3 and can eat whatever he wishes. :)

Thanks for the sweet comment, and if I find out about why ladies comment on some blogs and not others...I'll let you in on the secret! :)


Maison Douce said...

Good luck on your beach trip... I'm not being very successful on my endeavours to lose weight... Could it be all that chocolate that i'm eating?

Heidi said...

Dear Patti <3

I cant remember anymore that how did I found your nice blog...I was only klick klick klick....and WOW you, Patti!!!!

My english...well, sure I understand it but please forgive me allready all my mistakes ;)

...hei...sounds great :D the boat, track or anything else. Welcome to Finland Patti <3

There in USA...I know there is quite many store this swedish style from 17th centyry what I love and what my home stand for.

That other blog of mine...I like keep alive those and work there but that marvelous store isnt mine, its my friends. But I do love it as my own.


LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

You go girl....and Dr V too! ~LA

texasdaisey said...

Patti, you are too funny! At the beach lol. What a nice way to put it. Maybe that would get me to stick to it.

Debra W said...

Just wanted to say hello to one of the sweetest gals I know!


Carrie Nuckolls said...

Hi Patti,
You are just too cute and creative for words! Love your posts and loved seeing the pic of you and Renee. How fun to travel to such a great shop and see fun friends! Isn't life good?
My parents love South Beach, too!
See ya at the pool :)

Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

Hi Patti, It was so good to hear from you!! How's life at the beach? Keep us posted on how it's goin with you, I'm thinking of taking a trip to the BEACH myself. SPEAKING GOD'S BEST AND RICHEST ON YOU TODAY AND ALWAYS!!!! DEBORAH

the voice of melody said...

Good for you for wanting to eat healthier, although I'm sure you'll look fantastic in the pictures regardless of how many lbs you lose. :)

The Cozy Parsonage said...

Hope you are doing well with the ating! Keep up the good work-ohh and I just love your hair!

Lori Miller, Round barn Potting Co. said...

What a fun blog. Can't wait to read more. I am glad the magazine made it you and that you are enjoying it. I keep my eyes open for the silver soon