Friday, January 16, 2009

Chik Nite Rocked!

Last Friday night was Chik Nite...
Here's a little recap......It Rocked!

Here's the stage and

the Funky
I blogged about here.

Here's part of our Chik Team.

Christy, Jennifer and Crystal

These gals work tirelessly to put our Chik Nites together.

Thank You! You are awesome!

Look at all the ladies!
We were playing a game!

Five days before ...Crystal only had 30 ladies signed up....
Total signed up that night.......163! Isn't God good!

This is our fearless leader
Head Chik Crystal.

Our speaker for the night ...

April Simmons (on left) and
Misti from High Point Church
Arlington, Texas
April's message for us was awesome!

"Mile 19"
If you have hit a wall in your life ...
whether it be a death in your family,
a problem marriage, problem kids,
problem finances or just problems with life
and need encouragement.......
leave me a comment
and I will send you a cd of her!
You can now download her message free at
under media title: God Chik

Miss Sandy ... our minister's wife holding
one of the youngest chiks!

My sister-in-law Cindy and my daughter-in-law Jessica.
Don't they look cute!
Cindy drove four hours to come to Chik Nite!
And if you look closely you can see "Baby Vee" under that ribbon!
(She's due in May!)

Miss April and Me

Our "goodie" table
The Word was sent out along with other chiky stuff!

Best Comment of the Evening:

"I didn't know church could be this fun!"

"I have come that they may have life

and that they may have it more abundantly"

John 10:10

Next Chik Nite.........March 6
Consider yourself invited!

See here or here for more info!

from my delighted yours!



sparkled*life said...

You did such a great blog on Chik Nite! Thanks so much Mrs. Patti!

trash talk said...

Patti, I am so excited about the turnout, I'm giddy! God is amazing and deserving of all the honor and praise that we can give him and then more. Your photos captured the joy in that room wonderfully. I would have loved to have attended just to feel the wonder of the love in the room. I hope I get a chance to attend in the future, maybe after the spring show. In the meantime,thanks for sharing. And yes, you are going to get more than one entry-after all you started it with your great comment. Thanks for sharing everything! Debbie

Sue Jackson said...

Hi Patti,
You would probably have to fight with my dog Sally for the seat next to me by the pool! I did the backyard vintage tropical, with a tiki bar. Since I work so much, my backyard to my "vacation getaway". You know, every Sunday morning, I wake up early and watch Joel Osteen at 6:30am! That is how I start my week and I really enjoy him because he is so postive and full of hope, you know. Take care, Sue
Try this for Ginny's blog: Although I don't know how I pulled up a blog for a ".com"? I'll see if I can get the link on my blog correctly so you just have to click it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patti,
Your pics of Chik Nite look like you had lots of fun, thanks for sharing with us.
Sarah xxx

Gayla said...

This is amazing. I hate to ask for something free, but boy, have I hit a wall in my life.... My dad died and I had to move in with my mother. I had made my solace out of my home (I know... should have been God's word cause it's more portable!!!)... but it is sooooo hard to live with another woman.... even my mom... in HER home. I'd love a CD... if it deals with hitting walls of sorts...

Penny said...

I would appreciate this. Would gladly pay for the cd cost and shipping. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Notes from a Cottage Industry and wow!! It is just what I need... My brother in law died suddenly a couple of weeks ago and my sister and I could use some encouragement.
Thank you,

Debra W said...

Patti, what a delightful post! Looks like you all had a wonderful time filled with fun and inspiration!

Thank you so much for your kind words and for asking if you can use some of my photos. It would be my pleasure to have you use some of them and I would really appreciate the link back to my site.


Frippery said...

Looks like fun Love the floral arrangement, it Rocks. Pam

Junk Palace said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Hope to see you Saturday.
Chik night looks like a lot of fun.

trash talk said...

SURPRISE!!! Debboe

Marie said...

You rock! Found you from Talking Trash! Love your blog!