Saturday, January 24, 2009

Road Trip!

I left town this morning ... in my trusty Jetta (gotta love the 45 MPG!) headed for the Grand Opening of THE JUNK PALACE in Malakoff , Texas about an hour and a half drive south. It was COLD (in the 30s) and the wind was blowing Texas hard, so I dressed appropriately by layering my long johns, turtleneck sweater, black velvety velour vest, scarf and jeans with my pearls and cowboy dress boots as this was a Grand Opening! Boy, was I excited! Not only was I going to get to see amazing junk this morning but rumor had it this was going to be a Grand Meeting of some of the awesome bloggers I follow!
WooHoo! I was ready!
Someone mentioned yesterday that we all need name tags with our blog on it. They will know us by our blog name for sure! So last night after midnight, I hit a little creative streak and made me a nametag..........ok.............all you alter art people I know this is really basic but hey......... what can you do with elmer's glue and a brown envelope?! I did find a heart doily and added a vintage rhinestone pin for glamour. My first altered art project! So I arrived at the Junk Palace with nametag in hand 15 minutes after they had opened and it was packed.

Oh. My. Goodness.

It was amazing! Situated in a really cool OLD, OLD, OLD building with exposed brick and plaster walls, open rafters, unusual electric lighting, and old concrete floors, Lillie has created a wonderful vintage atmosphere remenisent of ole Pariee plus vintage glamour plus garden junk. Awe-inspiring creative displays start as soon as you step foot in the door...........

The first thing your eyes rest on is this wonderful garden arbor made of cast off porch posts...the kind everybody had on their house years ago to hold up the front porch or the back patio awning. Lillie used this arbor to frame a great white table with an amazing vinette on top.
(She says this also fits over a double cool would that be......she called it "the Little Love Shack!" TMI...TMI! HAHA! Yes, that's Lillie in the vintage garden chair ..the first time she's sat down in weeks...doing the Texas Beauty Queen wave!)

Yes, today Lillie...
You are the Queen of Vintage!
Take a closer look at the table top......lots of my favorite white and would ya look at the roll of paper (elementary school writing paper with the broken lines) billowing around the dishes!
My paper towels...I mean our napkins do that at times when the Texas breeze blows!

Out of the Box!

Love the creamy, white textures!
I think those are disposable florist containers!?!

Garden table with burlap top and scrabble pieces!

Gotta love the southern bell slip on the manaquin!
Display in the forefront includes several vintage cake toppers!
And did you notice the partially exposed brick wall?

OK , so I get a C+ for not taking photos of the blogroll! This is the only pic I got of all the wonderful bloggers who were there! Here I am with my fun and fabulously talented friend Renee (A Junk Queen) and Donna (Curious Goods) in Donna's cute shop by the same name. Donna takes junk and makes the neatest "things" out of it. Jewelry and objects d'art...very creative! And Renee can take trash and make it look good! No kidding!
Some of the other talented bloggers and creative people
who I saw this morning include:
Theresa (Garden Antiqs Vintage)
I think she's known by the whole blogosphere cause not only is she very
talented but she is very sweet and remembers everyone!
Maggie (The Veranda) Very talented, too. See her at Canton.
Judy (J. Hill Designs) Very talented .... Canton and Texas Shows
The Girls from (Funky Monkey) Very funky store in Keller, TX
Don't forget Lillie's blog at Junk Palace.
Gee...Hope I didn't leave anyone out.......
You can probably see more fabulous photos of this morning's event
and more of all the who's who on these talented gals' blogs!
Click on them from My Favorites List!
We were all shooting our cameras like paparazzi!
Thanks Lillie for letting us take all the shots!

There is ONE more blogger I saw this morning......(I didn't forget ya girl!)
I had the priviledge of meeting IN PERSON.......Ta Da!!!!!!
Miss Debbie from Talking Trash and her driver and sweetie ...Cat Daddy!
Debbie has such a way with words....a good way!
Not just on her blog ..... she leaves some of the best comments, too!
What a blessing! Can't wait to spend some more fun time with her!
You HAVE to read her post about today...and see her great photos!
She brought me the prize I won in her contest last week....
They were all wrapped up CHIK STYLE in a black sack with hot pink paper!
Too stinkin cute! I didn't want to open it it was so pretty.......
Well I only waited a second ....cause I wanted to see my.......

Are these not the cutest sparkley thangs!
Thank You Deb!
You are definitely a Diva!
You Rock!

As soon as I got home I tried them on......awesome!
They are sooooo comfortable!
How did you know PINK is my new favorite color!
(First granddaughter due in May!)

So I had to have a little photo shoot with
my new hot pink thongs!

Now, don't get too excited...
that's what we called flip-flops when I was young
back when yer undies covered yer backside!

Now my undies hang out from under my jeans!
Yup, those are my long johns...
I told you it was cold today!

Ya did good! I love them!
Thanks Deb!
You da bomb!

This has been one Super Saturday!
Hope yours has been just as good!
Wishing you many blessings
from my Delighted Heart to yours!



trash talk said...

I...don't...know!!! I think you WON! You gave a lot more insight to the shop than I did. Your text looks prettier than mine and the spacing is way better! I also think you used more big words than me-I'll have to go back and count. lol That was a really good read. I love calling us paparazzi! Isn't it funny how we can all be clicking away and everybody comes away with different shots. Love that because then when I was too busy talking and missed something, I get to see it. I really enjoyed today and meeting you. I know we are going to have a lot of fun together in the future. Cat Daddy really is a good sport and puts up with an awful lot. I think my favorite thing was all the warmth that was in her shop. Great people out there. How long did it take you to get your post done? 3 hours here. Whew! I'll talk to you soon. XXXOOO Your new BFF Debbie

time-worn interiors said...

You win the prize for best pictures of the shop so far! I couldn't wait to see pictures, wish I could have been there in person! I can't believe we don't have anything like that around here. And Theresa said there are 10
shops in Malakoff!, thats amazing! Your name tag was cute!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Patti, you look just adorable in those pink slippers, just your style. Congrats on winning them. I really enjoyed meeting you yesterday and I think it is YOU who is the sweetest of them all!! Truly, had a great time. I'll also do a post here shortly on our grand time. Happy Sunday, T

Maison Douce said...

You girls are so lucky!!! It seems like a wonderful shop!! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures!

Whispering Pine Cottage said...

Loved your post and your blog! I will be checking in again soon! Angie

Marie said...

LOVE your pics!! And your CUTE hair..
I loved the details in the decorating ...scrabble paper.
AWWW, I am SO jealous..I want to GO there!

Frippery said...

I am living vicariously through you Texas gals. What junkin fun you all have. Your toes look smashing in those mean flip flops. ( My daughter always corrects me with a roll of the eyes when I slip and call flip flops thongs, old habits die hard, plus who would have known it would some day be fashionable to wear undies that...well you know...we used to tug on ours if that happened back in the day, in private of course) Enjoyed your photos, Pam

Anonymous said...

Ohh I so need to visit the States! You have the most amazing places to shop over there.
I'm glad you enjoyed your road trip, I am jelous though (in a good way!)
I love the idea for the garden arbour, very clever. I am off now to visit some more US based blogs, thanks for the tour!!!
Sarah xxx

sparkled*life said...

Road trip!!! Road trips are always so much fun! I would love to go next time given I can get someone to keep the babies! It looks like so much fun! I loved the way she wraped your shoes! SOOOO cute you can never go wrong wrapping something Chik style ;) I love you Mrs. Patti! Have a wonderfully fabulous day!

ajunkqueen said...

Was it hard to drive home wearing those Pink Flip Flops I saw you put them on. when i was leaving? Did you get those chairs in your small car? Rule of thumb, if you drive a small car to cut down on gas usage, you will find great bargains! I am getting rid of my Mid life crisis car and getting a bigger TRUCK! Kepp taking those photos. See you soon.

David said...

Neat idea with the name tag!

Barb said...

I've just found you and your blog is delightful!!!
Your photos are wonderful. (I have a small, very small, gift shop i opened in May 08), and some the photos from your trip will be wonderful, small scale of course!

Blessings as you serve Him

Barbara Jean
PS I think your name tag is great!!!