Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's On Your Kitchen Countertop?

Last night... I walked into the kitchen and saw a plastic box sitting on the countertop.
I didn't remember leaving it there.....I thought maybe Mr. Hero had brought leftovers home know...a to-go-box or a doggie bag as we used to call it. I peeked under the lid. Well.....
This is what I saw............
"Honey...did you leave a box on the kitchen counter?" I sweetly hollared at Mr. Hero.
"Ummm...what's in it?" He sweetly hollared back.
"Don't know....looks like bones or something." "Are they for Dodger?"

"They're dinosaur bones!"

And there...sitting right next to the Cheerios was a box of real dinosaur bones. Well, they were the fossilized stone that's left after the bone dissenigrates. (Mr. Hero explained..not really the real bones.) Then I remembered seeing Mr. Hero talking to Mr. Dinosaur Hunter at church. It seems they were trying to figure out a way to replicate the bones/fossils. Mr. Dinosaur Hunter actually found the fossils just north of town. He finds lots and lots of fossils and is very well versed on dinosaurs. He gives talks to the school kids and wanted some replicas to hand out.

I was just glad they were't leftovers...
Well technically they were.......
The Fred Flinstone kind!
(Music swells in the background...Meet the Flinstones...the modern stone age family!)

Sorry Dodger....Want some Cheerios?

What's On Your Kitchen Countertop?

Have a Yabba Dabba Do Day!



Anonymous said...

Wow lucky you checked with Mr Hero before you gave them to the dog!!!
How interesting to find something THAT old!
Hahaha I remember watching The Flinstones every morning before school, they were my favourite cartoon, that & The Jetsons!

The Pink Poodle said...

HOW funny!! I dont think SOOTY (my toy poodle).would have been able to chew them even if I had given them to him!!

thanks for popping by my blog via sarahs blog..
it is a lovely blogging world we live in..
shall keep checking up on what you have to report!!

take care..xx andrea from australia!!

trash talk said...

Nothing like that!!! When I first saw the photo of the open container, I thought it was giblets or something equally gross. I would have never guessed bones, let alone dinosaur bones! How funny. Aren't men just the cutest! They'll freak over a tampax box on the bathroom counter, but think nothing about leaving bones out in the kitchen. Gotta love 'em and we do!!! Debbie

Cathy said...

What an awesome post. I actually thought they looked like chocolate. I couldn't figure out exactly what kind of chocolate, but still.... I was hoping it was a sweet snack he had left for you.

Oh well, maybe the next "left over" Tupperware box will have a sweet treat in it.


Debra W said...

Wow, what an interesting thing to find on your kitchen counter! I collect sea glass and other ocean ephemera so that's what you might find on my kitchen counter in a glass bowl.

And The Flinstones were my very favorite!


countrycharisma said...

Well... you had me, I didn't have a clue. The one bone looked like some kind of pod, but...what an interesting find. Men have such a funny way of making the unusual seem absolutely normal. "Oh, it's just my dinosaur bones" That was a good share, thanks.

Julia said...

Hey that's fun to find that on your countertop