Saturday, January 3, 2009

Winter Wonderland II

And now......

for the 2nd half of the

Winter Wonderland Tour!

Thanks for all your sweet comments on the first half!

You've noticed I'm not calling this my Christmas Home Tour...

That's because I didn't get it all together in time to show before Christmas!

I always need December to have one more week in it!!!
It doesn't feel like winter here today at 85 degrees!
But hold on...
Monday we're due for sleet and 30 degrees!
If ya don't like the weather in Texas....
just wait a day!
Let's get this tour done before the ice hits!

So sit back and relax and enjoy!

Simplicity in the stairwell.

Twig wreaths from here and sparkle leaves from here.

Stepping in to my kitchen you'll see our "Chili's Booth".

We spend a lot of time here...

in fact we've crammed 6 people in here

on several occassions.

Everyone always gathers in the kitchen!
More sticks!

Here's a view from above.
There is a landing on the 2nd floor that looks
down into the kitchen.

There's always lots of light in here!

Sign says....

"Common sense is not so common."

Here's the built-in hutch.

Real pine branches mixed with faux pine branches.

Angel statue came from Tony's.

Can you tell what the wreath is made from.....?


goodwill rides again!

Saw a wreath in Better Homes and Gardens made with

upholstry webbing and then saw what Deb did.

It inspired me to try a little different version.

Strips of sweaters wrapped around straw forms

and secured with straight pins.

Tie was the skirt band from the wool skirt I

used for my tree skirt.

Vintage broach from my jewelry box.

Here's a little better picture.

Window from Tony's Town Square Antique Mall.

Mr. Hero trys to keep me out of there!

Hutch in the breakfast room.

Yes, I like hutches....and dishes!

More sticks!

The ceiling is the same color as the dining room walls.

Some of my mom's blue willow...she loved blue.....

I was never a "blue" person.

But I'm loving her stuff now that she's not here.

Moving into the den.......

that's the sunroom/tv room through the opening.

Top of the tree....

You guessed it....more sticks!

My friend RuthAnn did the same thing!
Great Minds!

Here's a few more of the tree.

More ideas for sweaters!

Pillow koozies!

I pulled them over some pillows I had...

whipped the neck closed.

Tied the arms.

You could whip the bottom closed but I didn't.
Funky, fun and cozy.

The stockings were hung on the lockers with care.

My kids got me the set of lockers for my birthday last year.

I love my kids!

the stockings came from Target on sale at the last minute.

I had plans to make some from......

You guessed it.....


well, maybe next year.

The Mantel

The Sunroom/TV Room
BIG Sticks!
and four strings of lights!
I love how soft the light is in this room!
I just might have to leave them up all year!

Christmas 1956.

Me on Santa's knee.

Age 19 months.

(Can you dig the satin santa suit!)

Vintage flower globe from my mom's estate.

(You turn it over, fill with water, put a flower on the

frog where the photo is, put the lid on and turn it

rightside up and the flower is submerged in water.)

I had remembered she had one but thought she

had gotten rid of it. I couldn't find it in all her stuff.

Last Christmas Eve I was checking on her house

(she had died the year before)

and saw a box up in the top of her pantry

which I thought had a coffee pot in it.

The last box to go through.

I got it down and there was the flower globe.

What an awesome Christmas present.

Little did she know when she put it up there

(probably several years earlier) that I would find it

a whole year after she died and it would help me

get through the next day...the first Christmas without her.

Thank you Jesus!

I know you orchestrated that!

May the lights of this season remind you that

He is the Light of the world!

from my Delighted Heart to yours....



Jana said...

I just discovered your blog...we have the same border... :) I was inspired by sweaters this year too. We made a large sweater snowman for one of our window displays this year. You'll have to check it out-it's on my blog header.
Your home is beautiful!!

ajunkqueen said...

loved the tour, will call you,but think i will be there Thursday! Want to stop in Malakoff on my way up. Want to check out all the new shops,and old ones too.

Sue Jackson said...

Hi Patti, I love your house, thanks for showing us the photos. I love architectural elements, I have a lot in my house and as well quite a bit at "the store" (Country Roads). I like what you did with your vintage Santa photo. I put all mine out each year of my sister and me on my fireplace, but now I have a new idea thanks to you. Also, I will get going on "telling my story" of Country Roads! Thanks for the nice words. Take care, Sue

Ruthann said...

Oh Patti! wow. wow. wow!! Everything is so gorgeous, fresh, and sparkly! I love it all! Love all the sticks!! Love all the sweaters....the the photo of you in the globe, how adorable is that!! Love all of the I want to add more white! what an inspiration you are, girlfriend! You and your family are so adorable! Blessings to you and your fam this new year! Hope we can meet in person some day!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Patti: oh my, what a great eye you have for displays. I second the motion to leave the lights up, very pretty and could turn into a Romantic theme w/ Valentine's Day right around the corner. Love the sweater idea too! I'm going to have to make a trip to Tony's shop, have heard lots about it.

the voice of melody said...

Your home is beautiful! You did a great job decorating it.

Many sweet blessings!

trash talk said...

You know every thrift store, goodwill and salvation army is going to be stripped clean of all white sweaters from now on, thanks to you!!! I love the flower globe-I don't think I've ever seen anything like that. God surely was whispering to you when you found it. Your mother must have had a beautiful home as well, because it sure looks like you learned from a master. Please keep the photos flowing. Debbie

The English Cottage Collection said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving the kind words. Wow~your home is soooo charming!! It looks so inviting, love all the white and the sticks, my kinda stuff!! Great pics...I'll be back often and going to add to to my follows!

Sue Jackson said...

Hi Patti,
My dog Sally is a sweetheart, just a bit mentally challenged, I think! I'm older, June 20th, 1951. For some reason, it seems I'm always the oldest ;0} I sure don't feel this old though!!

texasdaisey said...

You have a gorgeous home. I just found you & so enjoyed the tour. Very beautiful.

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Hi patti,

Thanks so much for stopping in! and for your sweet and kind comments!

I just adore your blog, what a beautiful home you have! and I adore blue willow, so stunning! all your attention to detail is so evident and your home looks like such a well loved place to gather!

Many Blessings in 2009! Stop in anytime! It looks like you are well on your way to fabulous blogging! every single photo was gorgeous!

Hugs, Cynthia

Sue Jackson said...

Thanks for the helpful hints on dressing for the cold. I keep refusing to put on all the extra's thinking it won't be THAT cold! I guess I'm a slow learner. I'm at home now working in my office and my feet are cold in my sneakers. Guess I should drag the Uggs back out!! Take care, Sue

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

It's beautiful Patti..,,that house has such great bone structure! Love all the sticks, all the white, all the architectural elements...well...just all of it!



texasdaisey said...

I know exactly where Sulphur Springs is. I have some really good friends who live there. It must be a God incident that we met by blog. I haven't read the book There is more by Randy Clark but I do listen to him as well as Bill Johnson & many others. I am flying out to Phoenix this next week for 2 days w/ Jason Westerfield who was raised up by Bill Johnson & Bethel (his church. We had 2 weddings this past year. One a yr ago Nov. the other in May both our daughters. Oldest girl is 25, middle girl is 23 & My son is 17. It really hasn't been hard to keep up with 2 blogs. I am a stay at home mom. I always have several projects going,re-doing the house, keeping the critters, gardening & the usual chores of home & sometimes I craft or paint or sew. I read lots & especially magazines & have always felt I would be the perfect person to tell magazines what is good material. Felt some things churning inside this past year & felt I had something to say & was led by God to start a blog which led to 2. No sure exactly where it is going but feel a huge sense of destiny on it. How about you? What got you into blogging? Have you got to go to any conferences where Randy Clark or Bill Johnson or others speak?
Debbie Howard

ajunkqueen said...

I am leaving for your part of the country, early am thursday, i never get there early, i stop to many places, Malakoff and to see Mindy's place in Terrel. I will plan on calling you for Friday.

sandra/tx said...

Patti, what a lovely home, and I love your Christmas decorations. I'm going to make a sweater wreath. Love that idea!

unique unique design said...

Thanks for commenting on our blog. I hadn't been on yours before. Didn't know what I was missing! Your home is beautiful. You have such wonderful pieces and a great eye for display. Will keep checking you out!

curiousgoods said...


Your photos are wonderful!

Your Bible cards are on their way... thank you for your purchase!

Hope to get to meet you soon, Donna