Thursday, January 1, 2009

Winter Wonderland Tour

Since the weather here this weekend is going to be 72 degrees...I thought we'd better start the tour before the snow melts!

But first .....I'd like to show you my inspiration for my holiday decorations this year.............

Straight from my backyard!
And they were free!!!
Can't beat a deal like that!
Mr. Hero loved the fact that I was cleaning up the yard
at the same time!!!!
I really love the texture and color of the bark
and have used them in many projects this past year.
See how many places you can find them in my house..........
(They go great with the paint colors we've changed to this past year!)
So, get your self a cup of hot chocolate (or if you are in Texas some iced tea)
get comfy, relax and enjoy the tour!
Don't forget to park out front so you can walk over the bridge
to the front door!
Watch your's dark outside!
Take a peek into the dining room window.....

Don't linger too long out there!

Come on in..... I'm expecting you!

Here's the entry ..... that was my mom's Santa and wreath.
I think they've found a new home!

Here's the dining room all set for dinner!
Christmas Dinner Menu
Fresh Green Salad
My Mom's Chicken and Rice Casserole
Seasoned Green Beans
Buttery Crescent Rolls
Sweet Tea or White Wine
Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake

Candles in crystal holders set
between branches covered with snow.
Love how the lights twinkle and glow!
A few gold sparkle balls...
Vintage silver baby cups....
(in honor of Baby Vee!)
Silver chargers
Gold and white china
Crystal goblets
Vintage silver
Little bird and glass ornaments...
All set on washed cream burlap....
Made a magical dinner happen!
(The kids said they felt like they were
having dinner in a cozy resturant!)


Did you catch the chair "Koozies"?
They made it even more cozy!!
Several trips here scored these sweaters for 2.99 each!

Here's the hutch......

This is the top of the old store sorting table I use for a buffet.
Bottlebrush tree came from here.

Iceskates (found with the sweaters) in the birdcage........
(Birdcage from Town Square Antique Mall)

All my mom's little Christmas houses I put out for the first time this year.
They found a home in a small pine, glass door bookcase that I usually keep china in.
The "Wedding Chapel" sat on a column to the right.
A promise of our wedding to come next December!

Vintage china angel my mom gave me years ago...
She's from the early '60s.
I think she's precious!
Glass dome came from this great shop.

I hope you have enjoyed the first part of our
Winter Wonderland Tour.....
I'll try to post more tomorrow!
After a trip to Canton with the kids that are soon to be parents!
Hope you have a delighted weekend!


Sue Jackson said...

Hi Patti, I LOVE your house. And by the way, how can your Texas weather be 72, when I'm "freezing" here in sunny SoCal at 61! No blackeyed peas, although my mom use to make them. She also use to cook fried okra which I loved. Have a wonderful new year, and hey, we each have a new grandbaby on the way!! Take care, Sue

ajunkqueen said...

Your house is wonderful, I loved your decorating, The sweaters were a great idea? Is the decorations, still going to be up on Thursday? I am on my way up there.

trash talk said...

Patti, Wow, just wow!!! Your home is breathtaking. I wish you had posted photos sooner. So many wonderful ideas I could have stolen, I mean, borrowed. Keep the photos coming. I can't wait to see what else you did. Fab U Lous! Debbie

Sue Jackson said...

Hi Patti, My new little granddaughter is due on June 2nd and I can't wait. It was fun to buy a few "pink" outfits for her for a Christmas gift for my son and his wife. When I woke up today my back was killing me from that TREE but it was great to see it outside! Of course, since my hands have been chapped from our wonderful cold weather,I have some tiny cuts from the tree getting stuck in the door. Today's high is only suppose to reach 55, and our old 1919 building I have my store in has no heat or hot water. Gee, I can hardly wait! Here's to a wonderful 2009 with life looking better for everyone! Take care, Sue

Frippery said...

Found your blog through Debbie at Trash Talk. Absolutely gorgeous. I may borrow your sweater idea for my winter Bunco group on the 14th. I will give you credit. I'm going to browse around a bit more. Great home! Pam

Sue said...

your home is beautiful and you have such a lovely family. Those boys are so handsome. GOOD JOB MOM.



Chik Nite said...

Patti you are so amazing your talent never ceases to amaze me!

Mark and Trisha said...

I love your decorations!!! Your house is beautiful and you have incredible taste. Thanks for sharing.